Testimonials from people from many professions, countries and age ranges

Since 1993, The Creativity Workshop has been working with people from many different professions, nations, and age ranges to help them discover or rediscover their unique creativity. A typical workshop will be represented by an exciting mix of participants from different countries and professions ranging from CPAs to artists, medical doctors, educators, and CEOs. This makes for great group dynamics in all our workshops. Here is what some participants have to say about their Creativity Workshop experience.

Advertising, Marketing, Communications professionals

Artists, Writers, Filmmakers, Performing Artists

Business professionals

College and University Educators


Health professionals, Coaches and Therapists

K-12 Teachers

“You will come back (from The Creativity Workshop) with a heart full of artistic passion, completely convinced that creativity and imagination–yours and everyone else’s–is the answer to just about any question the world could pose. Plus, you’ll have the tools to enable you to fill a whole cargo hold’s worth of luggage with paintings, poems, drawings, and essays. This is one of the 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life.”

Pam Grout, author, The 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life, National Geographic Publishers, 2008


“This was a tremendous experience. I wanted to take my writing in a new direction, and with the help of the insights and tools I got at the Workshop, I feel that I can now do this. Thanks to Shelley and Alejandro, two wonderful and inspired teachers, I will look back on my experience in Florence as the beginning of my creative renaissance.”

Chuck Mills, Writer, Timetravel21, Alexandria, VA


“I would strongly recommend attending this workshop and sending your employees to it. In an amazingly short period and for a small investment you walk away with ideas on how to free oneself from rigid and restrained thinking and how to allow creativity to flow into many aspects of work.”

Rita Foley, Former President of MeadWestvaco; PetSmart and Dresser-Rand board member. New York, NY


Business Professor, Dublin, Ireland

“Inspiring Superb workshop. It gave me lots of food for thoughts about creativity. Cognitive and mental contexts were put together in a simple yet effective way with excellent balance of exercises and interaction. I particularly liked the explanation around the exercises and the trainers’ insights.”

Amr Arisha, Professor,
Head of Departments of International Business and Entrepreneurship, Dublin Institute of Technology/Graduate College of Business, Dublin, Ireland


CEO, New York, NY

“My workshop experience highlighted how much more creative I could be on a daily basis, The facilitators were excellent. I felt as though I could talk to them about anything. I wish everyone could take this class!”

Cynthia Bazan, Events and Administration, Innovation Learning Network at Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA


CEO, New York, NY

“The Creativity Workshop changed me forever and moved me forward in managing my companies. The Creativity Workshop is far above all the other creative seminars I’ve taken in its inspiration, positive spirit, and techniques for nurturing creativity. This workshop is important for anyone who wants to develop their creativity in their personal or business life.”

Barbara Roberts, CEO (ret), Acoustiguides and FPG. Advisor to The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center of the Columbia Business School, New York, NY


Sr. Vice President Business Analysis, Wilmington, DE

“The workshop was inspiring and helpful! Your workshop has rekindled the spirit of creativity within me. Your exercises proved to me that everyone is creative by nature and just needs to learn how to trust it and release it.”

Vincent Law, Sr. Vice President Business Analysis, CitiBank, Wilmington, DE


Director, Creative Services, Cincinnati, OH

“Ever since our workshop things have picked up and moved in my favor… I think a big partof the change is my new approach to my painting and being more proactive in marketing myself. THAT ALL came from the workshop!! It stirred something inside me.”

Julie Moses, Director, Creative Services, Protective Life Insurance Company, Cincinnati, OH


Director, Innovation Learning Network and Innovation specialist for Kaiser Permanente. USA

“I brought my two innovation teams for a week to work with Shelley and Alejandro. I can’t say that I knew exactly what we were getting into at first. By the half-way point, the experience was nicknamed “The Creativity Spa”, and by week’s end we didn’t want it to end. Part decompression, part reflection, but mostly gentle guidance on reigniting and paying attention to our own creative wisdom. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop, and know that we will be back.”

Chris McCarthy, Director, Innovation Learning Network and Innovation specialist for Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA


Associate Professor & Media Reviewer, San Mateo, CA

“As a four-time participant of this workshop, I find that each experience provides me with different ways of reconnecting with my creative being, and reopens my eyes so that I can see the creative in everything I do.”

Melissa Camacho, Associate Professor & Media Reviewer,
San Francisco State University/Common Sense Media, San Mateo, CA


Teaching & Learning Coordinator and Mathematics Teacher, Dubai, UAE

“I came back with new techniques for enhancing creativity, innovation and collaboration. Shelley and Alejandro allowed us to explore a universe of thoughts, strategies, and rivers of energy. They did not try to change our raw creative side, but gave us tools to develop it with our unique voices. People from 14 different countries and many different professions were in the class and that really added to the excitement and learning.”

Bassel Deiry, Teaching & Learning Coordinator and Mathematics Teacher, Dubai, UAE


MD, Christchurch, New Zealand

“If you want to breakout of limited and routine ways of thinking and approaching problems or new tasks then I would highly recommend this inspiring, informative and playful workshop.

While one can enjoy reading books about ‘how to be creative’, what this live, experiential workshop did for me was so much more. This Workshop helped me realize that creativity skills can be used in every way in my day to day life, as well as in those major projects that I am working on. By introducing day to day practical methods, our gifted instructors taught these skills and techniques in a well organized, relaxed environment.

The Workshop was a transforming experience. I have gained confidence in my ideas, thoughts and creative process since doing it. ”

Ian Holding, MD. Chronic Pain Specialist, Christchurch, New Zealand


Writer, Corporate Communications, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Baton Rouge, LA

“I got enough ideas and fresh inspiration from four days to last me for several years! This was hands-down the best workshop/professional development experience I have ever had. I was worried going into it, thinking that I would not be creative enough to keep up. Within the first five minutes, I felt much more confident. The instructors were fantastic, and the exercises really helped me expand my mind and find new ways to explore my creative impulses. I have been using the tactics and exercises they taught us in my personal and professional life, and I can really see a difference. I’d highly recommend this activity to anyone who struggles with writer’s block or who is creative but stuck in a rut. And that’s all of us! It’s a perfect solution.”

Kristen Sunde, Writer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA


Teacher, Katy, TX

“We brought back a flood of new ideas for introducing new lesson plans and formulas for tapping into our students’ creativity and expanding their knowledge and ability to learn on a much more creative basis!”

Jack Degelia and Catherine Huvar, Fund for Teachers Recipients, Katy Independent School District, Katy, TX


Filmmaker, Winchester, MA

“I cannot tell you how grateful I am for having attended your Workshops. I attended 4 Workshops, 2 of them back to back. They sparked my creative drive and gave me permission to say YES to the making of my films. The Workshops strengthened the practice of using my imagination and my confidence that creativity was available to me if I give myself the time, the quiet and the witnessing that it deserved.. I have you to thank, in large part, for putting me on my present path.”

Pamela Boll, Executive Producer of Oscar Winning Documentary “Born into Brothels” and Director/Producer of the Documentary “Who Does She Think She is.” Winchester, MA


Educator, Hong Kong

“The experience was engaging and fun. There was a clear plan. This Workshop really delivers. The reverberations are profound.”

Eric MacDonald, Educator, Hong Kong Internat’l School, Hong Kong


Middle School Principal, Canada

“I didn’t want the workshop to end! I loved getting to know the diverse group of of all ages and professions. Participants travelled here from all around the world. Their stories were unique, yet we were all united by this workshop’s belief in the importance of creativity in life.”

Carolyn Cameron, Middle School Principal, Parkland School Division, Alberta, Canada


Chief Leadership Officer, New York, NY

“I had a goal of writing a book but when it came to expressing my creativity through writing, I was out of shape. Shelley and Alejandro taught me simple practices that unleashed my heart onto the page. Within weeks after taking their workshop I signed with an incredible book agent and am well on my way to achieving my goal.”

Tiffany Dufu, Chief Leadership Officer at Levo League, Named 1 of the 19 “women who are leading the way” by Huff Post, New York, NY


Director of Corporate Communications, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA

“I got a ton out of the conference, as did the 8 members of my team who attended. It helped us fill our creative tanks for our work and personal lives. I feel really lucky that I was able to attend.”

Dianne Eysink, Director of Corporate Communications, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA


Professor of Nutrition, Marquette, MI

“I am using the Workshop exercises in teaching hard-core science classes. The Creativity Workshop remains etched in my mind as one of the most rejuvenating, nurturing, enlightening, relaxing, growth-inducing experiences of my life.”

Mohey Mowafy, Professor and Director of Clinical Dietetics, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI


Corporate Marketing Director, Burlington, MA

“An excellent workshop! You provided new ideas for how to evolve individual creativity into creative collaboration. You were skilled facilitators with a wealth of expertise and knowledge that inspired without overwhelming or intimidating. It was a great experience for my team and one that I know will improve our marketing efforts.”

Gail Freeman, Sr. Director Corporate Marketing, RSA, Security Div of EMC, Burlington, MA


Copywriter, McCann Erickson, Royal Oak, MI

“I didn’t know what to expect from the Creativity Workshop. I ignorantly assumed it would be a college-style lecture class with mostly people from the advertising world. Boy, was I wrong. It was 30 people from 16 countries. To my right was an economist from Nigeria and to my left was an aerospace engineer from Poland. The diversity in the class actually heightened the amount of creativity I was unlocking. Hearing everyone’s stories was a reminder to myself that I can do anything. Once a person thinks that, the chains restricting creativity and imagination are broken. The Workshop taught us that our brains can take us places we never thought possible. That’s where new ideas live. I definitely recommend this class to everyone. No, really – everyone.”

Nick Sauer, Copywriter, McCann Erickson/Detroit, Royal Oak, MI


Teacher, Richmond, TX

“The Creativity Workshop was an amazing, life-changing experience. I cannot wait to teach my students to develop their creativity. I would recommend this workshop to anyone regardless of his or her field or career.”

Maria Gonzalez, Teacher, Fund for Teachers Recipient, Richmond, TX


Procter & Gamble Design Director, Cincinnati, OH

“What impressed me most was the creativity that your workshop brought out in our division. We learned new ways to be creative to meet multiple business needs. Our team and the individual relationships are stronger and deeper after this experience. It was amazing just how much we accomplished while at the same time coming away refreshed. It was an incredible time for us all.”

Lia Braaten-Hager, Director of Design, Home Care and Duracell, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH


Executive Director, University Integrative Health Center, Tucson, AZ

“Through evocative exercises Shelley and Alejandro gently lead us back to our creative impulses. As a physician I loved revisiting and reawakening this part of myself. Stimulating and fun, I would recommend this workshop to anyone who feels their professional role has cut them off from their creativity.”

Victoria Maizes MD, Executive Director, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Professor of Medicine and Public Health University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ


Program Manager for Applied Learning University, The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA

“I had a wonderful experience at the Creativity Workshop in Crete. This was my second time experiencing the Workshop. What made this time different for me was that by attending the Workshop outside of the United States, I was more receptive. This Workshop gave me the tools, concepts, and challenges to express my creativity. It also made me more aware of my creativity and its potential. I continue to nurture it with the tools, processes, and methods the Workshop provided!”

Terrance Leers, Program Manager for Applied Learning University, The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA


University Dean, Oxford, GA

“Can four dots on a page change your life? Give yourself permission to find out.

The Creativity Workshop offers an opportunity to get in touch with yourself in exciting and unexpected ways.

You will meet encouraging and motivating people from all over the world.

You will find yourself reflecting on the experience often and will be inspired to continue to expand your creative boundaries.

You will want to share the experience with others and you will want to return.

I have already incorporated much of what I learned with my work and have experienced a renewed confidence to pursue other creative opportunities.”

Myra Frady, Dean for Resource Planning and CFO,
Oxford College of Emory University, Oxford, GA


Country Director, U.S. Peace Corps Mozambique, Mozambique

“I very much enjoyed the Workshop and miss not having it now. I deeply appreciated the breathing and mindfulness exercises, the imagination exercises in writing, drawing and photography, learning ways to overcome creative block,s and the making of new connections with people in the workshop and with the city, itself. Our teachers’ encouragement and their wise reflections on the creative process were wonderful.”

Sanjay Mathur, Country Director, U.S. Peace Corps Mozambique, Mozambique


Senior Writer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Baton Rouge, LA

“Thanks so much for providing this practical, yet freeing opportunity to find creativity everywhere. Since our return, my coworkers and I have recommended your workshop to others. Revisiting my notes seems to reignite the spark from the workshop when I get stuck. I love your tips on how to continue to put the practices we learned in class into our lives.”

Teresa B. Day, Senior Writer, Corporate Communications, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA


General Manager Animation Studio, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“The Creativity Workshop is inspiration for the creative heart, mind and soul. It gives you tools that will creatively guide you wherever your road takes you.”

Nathalie Habib, General Manager, Blink Studios, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Lecturer in Business, Kowloon, Hong Kong

“The Creativity Workshop is brilliant! One of the most life-impacting learning experiences I have ever had.”

Elvy Pang, Lecturer in the Business School, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kowloon, Hong Kong


University Math Instructor, Doha, Qatar

“I really enjoyed the workshop! My facilitators were great! I loved the activities and it rejuvenated my love for drawing. As a teacher, I’m always looking for ways to bring out the creativity of my students and I learned a lot of great tools and tricks to do that now.”

Ahmad Kareem
Foundation Program Instructor/Mathematics.
University of Calgary in Qatar, Doha, Qatar


Communications Specialist, New York, NY

“If you are stuck in your job, or your routines, or your imagination … sign up for The Creativity Workshop. It is fun, inspiring, enlightening, and makes you feel damned good! (and Shelley and Alejandro are some of the best teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with). Combine a vacation with a creative adventure. This is not to be missed!”

Penny Peters, Communication and Marketing Strategist, New York, NY


Writer, Filmmaker, San Diego, CA

“I wrote my first published memoir because of this class. The instructors are magicians! They gently pushed us into discovering our unique creativity.”

Carroll Blue, Author of “The Dawn at my Back” and Professor Emerita of Film Studies, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA


Businessweek Editor, Chappaqua, NY

“Creativity is the engine of the global economy and is probably the most important characteristic for any business or company to succeed today. The problem is, most of us are trapped in our day-to-day thinking and unable to access our creative minds. To unlock it, we need a key. The only key I’ve found that fits is The Creativity Workshop. Through structured exercises, the workshop shows rather than tells you how to be tap into our natural creative capabilities.”

Toddi Gutner, Former Columnist and Associate Editor for Businessweek, Contributor to Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes and MSN, business communication consultant and author, Chappaqua, NY


Biochemist, Corvallis, OR

“I found the workshop to be a wonderful exploration of the roots of creativity with many useful tips and insights about the creative process. As a scientist, I approach creativity in a slightly different way than an artist or a novelist does, yet in many ways the end products are not that different. Shelley and Alejandro have many exercises that allow one to explore one’s creativity on one’s own terms and get over hurdles that often hinder the creative process.”

Kevin Ahern & Indira Rajagopal, Biochemists, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR


8th Grade Teacher, Silver City, NM

“I found that the second workshop experience has had an even more profound and lasting impact on my personal and professional life than the first one I attended. I highly recommend the Creativity Workshop to anyone who just wants to grow in any way.
The second time around, the Creativity Workshop redirected me back to mindfulness practices and writing poetry, the latter being something I haven’t practiced in 40 years. I also gained a much better understanding of techniques that can be used with middle school students, in the field of Humanities and beyond. Shelley and Alejandro blend their experiences, insights and techniques flawlessly. In both workshops, I was able to meet people from a wide range of vocations, all encouraging each other to be creative…with words, images, memories, and food for fodder.”

Pamela Pine-Petthong, Grade 8 Humanities, International School Bangkok, Silver City, NM


College Principal, Mawson Lakes, Australia

“I really enjoyed the Workshop. Personally for me it was the injection of inspiration I needed at this time in my career. In a job where the day to day decisions take over time to think and see and reflect, it was a reminder of who we are and our creative capacity. I will also take back some great ideas for the staff in my workplace, things that can challenge and enlighten”

Heather Vogt, Principal, Endeavor College, Mawson Lakes, Australia


Ambassador to Croatia and Kosovo, Zagreb, Croatia

“One measure of the success of this workshop for me is that I want to continue to use these exercises for my further development. The workshop was both useful and energizing. Although I am not strong on visual expression, I enjoyed the exercises on Automatic drawing as it opened my mind to another world. The assignments to observe the city and its people (doors, windows, individuals in cafés) helped us focus on the importance of looking at details and seeing beauty in our environment. Our instructors were very interesting and engaging.”

Louise LaRocque, Canada’s Ambassador to Croatia and Kosovo, Zagreb, Croatia


Artist, Shanghai, China

“As a practicing visual artist, I came to the workshop desiring to develop my writing skills. I was looking for practical, but creative exercises I could use outside of the idyllic conditions workshops offer. I was not disappointed! The visualization exercises, and the daily observational writings were creative, practical and transferable to any situation. I also left with many ideas for personal short stories and am happy to say have made time to write everyday!”

Robert Davis, Artist, Shanghai, China


International Health Director, Washington, DC

“I don’t know where to begin in expressing my appreciation… for the transformative experience that the Creativity Workshop was for me. As an artist trapped in the life of a scientist, I especially loved the examples of creativity from the sciences. Every exercise and assignment provided a wonderful opportunity to tap into my heart and brain in ways that I had not done so freely in a long time. The structure also made it easy to share (and get comfortable sharing) and to establish relationships with others in the workshop that will carry on. I have come home with a revitalized sense of self and enthusiasm to apply what I learned to my work, family life, and creative pursuits. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Patricia Mechael, Executive Director, The Health Alliance, UN Foundation
Washington, DC


Public Affairs Director, Smith’s Parish, Bermuda

“A thoroughly enjoyable and empowering experience that is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. The sessions challenged me to examine what lies beneath my everyday thoughts and passions and this in turn helped to unleash hidden gems of my memory-long-forgotten stories and experiences that are an important part of who I am today. Through the visualization and relaxation exercises I learned to really listen to my inner voice, to self-reflect, to daydream, to release stress and to write… and write and write!”

Beverley Morfitt, Acting Director of the Bermuda National Archives Formerly Assistant Director, Public Affairs, Government of Bermuda, Smith’s Parish, Bermuda


Business Administration Student, Bogota, Colombia

“Every class was awesome. It was really nice to meet all different kinds of people from all over the world, but most at all I appreaciate all the different activities I learned. They reminded me that I am creative and that creativity is inside me. I just need to go further and explore it.!”

Maria Grabriela Montañez, Business Administration Student, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia


Theatre Producer, San Juan, Puerto Rico

“The Creativity Workshop helped our professional actors and writers expand their creativity from a new and original perspective in a very nurturing atmosphere.”

Xavier Cifre, President, Productora Nacional de Teatro, San Juan, Puerto Rico


University Marketing Manager, College Station, Texas

“The class was so much more than I ever expected. It is going to benefit both my career and my personal creative journey. It has also given me several specific tools that I plan to introduce to my team to help us push our ideas from OK to WOW. The lessons we learned from Alejandro and Shelley were life lessons from which everyone can benefit. The structure of the class allowed me to approach the exercises at my own pace, without the stress of trying to outdo anyone else or wondering if it would be just another workshop in which the same people in the class talk all the time about themselves. I give The Creativity Workshop a 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend it to anyone, from a high school student to a retiree, from an entry-level employee in any industry to a top executive. I have a new sense of FREEDOM to BE CREATIVE EVERY DAY, at work and at home!”

Sondra White, Marketing Communications Manager, Editor, Spirit Magazine, Texas A&M Foundation, College Station, TX


College Professor, Newton, NJ

“Creativity is a delicate flower. You nurtured it with compassion, inspiration, and imagination. Because of your Workshop I now experience the world in a new way. I can see without looking, listen without hearing, and speak without words. Thanks for a truly memorable course!”

Eleanor Carducci, College Professor, Sussex County Community College, Newton, NJ


Global Marketing, Brooklyn, NY

“The creativity workshop really was an incredible experience, due to Shelley and Alejandro’s visualizations, exercises and concept explanations… and in large part to the fascinating participants. I was amazed at what came out of each of us! the whole experience was very enriching, from both the fun/personal/learning perspective and and the productivity-management aspect. I intend to get it again, like so many other participants!”

Rachel Patterson, Marketing Consultant, Global Consultants Group, Brooklyn, NY


Director of Music Career Development, Topsfield, MA

“A very inspiring and useful workshop. In the game plan of our education, most of us hardly ever received encouragement to bust from the box, draw outside the lines, and see things anew. The Creativity Workshop introduced me to some helpful tools on that account, which I will continue to explore, and it amped many other things I hold dear”

Director of Career Development, Berklee College of Music, Author, Indie Marketing Power: The Guide for Maximizing Your Music Marketing, Boston, MA,


K12 Principal, Stoneham, MA

“The Creativity Workshop really changed my life. Freed my imagination. I saw my classmates come alive, too. When a fellow participant said to me: “For the first time in a long time I feel joy,” I knew it wasn’t just me who had been transformed. It was a magical experience. One that will stay with me forever.”

Rondi Aastrup, Principal, Greater Boston Academy, Stoneham, MA


Teacher, Marietta, GA

“The Creativity Workshop is an incredibly freeing experience. Learning so many different techniques for slowing down, observing and feeling in order to allow our individual creativity to surface was amazing. The way we moved from one kind of activity to another allowed us to stay in the moment–without any self-editing. Truly an unforgettable experience. ”

Cynthia Montgomery, Teacher, The Westminster Schools, Marietta, GA


Executive Coach and Attorney, London, United Kingdom

“The workshop was exactly the right thing at the right time for me. Shelly and Alejandro hit just the right note in terms of content and leadership and facilitation. They were extremely warm and generous while still maintaining a positive distance. There was also a definite feeling of respect for the varied perspectives, talent and experience in the room”

Abigail Hunt, Attorney, Consultant and Executive Coach, previously Head of Client Development Manager at Mayer Brown, Global Law Firm, London, United Kingdom


Artist and High School Art and History Teacher, Boston, MA

“My third Workshop! Thanks for your joyous energy, spreading the seeds of creativity. I am sharing my new insights from your latest class with my fellow teachers.”

JoZeph Zaremba, Artist and High School Art and History Teacher, Boston, MA


Organizational Consultant, New Plymouth, New Zealand

“If your creativity needs a shot in the arm … do The Creativity Workshop.Why? Four reasons really: 1. The Instructors – welcoming, passionate, talented and committed to drawing out the best in people. 2. The process and tools – challenging, empowering and illuminating. 3. Time – to take a block of time from my busy schedule to focus on developing me and my creativity. 4. The other participants – supportive, each on individual journeys but leaving open opportunities to learn from each other.”

Wayne Morris, Organizational Improvement Consultancy, New Plymouth, New Zealand


Teacher, Katy, TX

“Thank you for changing my outlook on life in such a positive way! The Creativity Workshop allowed me to re-open my creative corridors and share my creativity with the world through writing. The five-day journey was a life changing experience.”

Bre-Ann Richardson, Teacher, Alief ISD, Katy, TX, Fund for Teachers Recipient, Katy, TX


Government Strategy Director, Tirana, Albania

“It was the first time in my career to participate in this kind of workshop called the Creativity Workshop. I have learned many things from this workshop: the importance of being creative, innovative, bringing new instruments and ways to bear which will generate more ideas, creativity and results in our work. Each of the participants came from different professional areas but for all of us was a common thread: the spirit of cooperation, group working and good communication. The value added of this workshop was the way the professors gave to everybody the possibility to think in depth, to use imagination and creativity in a very relaxed environment. This unique experience will serve me in my professional career in the Council of Ministers, as well as in my personal life, by making the best use of all opportunities, dimensions and possibilities that exists around us ”

Valbona Kuko, MBA, Director, Department of Strategy and Donor Coordination, Council of Ministers, Prime Minister’s Office, Tirana, Albania


University Administrator, Saskatoon, Canada

“I came to the Creativity Workshop for personal and professional reasons. I felt like I was getting stuck in a rut. I felt like I was losing the “spark”. Professionally, I need to image, create, and engage. I need to hear new ideas, get exciting about possibilities, and create ways to make those ideas a reality. I need to look at isses from many perspectives and develop creative solutions in consultation with many. I could feel this ability slipping away.
The Workshop brought it back.
The ideas of outrunning the inner critic, letting go of perfection, and the joy of play really struck home. Through your guidance, the workshop felt like a safe yet challenging space. There were moments that were uncomfortable and maybe even a bit unsettling, but the end result was powerful. The work was energizing and inspiring. The lessons will remain for a very long time.
I would highly recommend this Workshop to others. Shelley and Alejandro are a dynamic duo that were motivating, supportive, encouraging and very knowledgeable.”

Sabrina Kehoe, Associate Director, Interdisciplinary Centre for Culture and Creativity (ICCC), Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada


Writer, Brooklyn, NY

“A new self-awareness came to light for me during the Prague Workshop, a realization that the creative and personal issues of my life were not there by accident, that they were in fact central to my growth. I reached this awareness due to the Workshop’s special exercises focused on Prague. What was remote became intimate, and your view of yourself and your perception of the past, present and future is amplified.”

Stephen Bracco, Freelance Writer, Brooklyn, NY


Psychologist, Oslo, Norway

“Wonderful workshop leaders and wonderful participants. I am so happy I took this Workshop.”

Anne Selvik, PHD. Psychologist, Oslo, Norway


EAL Teacher, Bangkok, Thailand

“The workshop activities have activated and encouraged me to use more imagination in my teaching. In my role as an EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher at the International School of Bangkok I hope to inspire my students more and make them curious about learning English. The Creativity Workshop has become a great source of ideas for my program and has contributed to my personal development as an international educator.”

Danielle Rosendaal, EAL teacher International School of Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand


Choreographer, Singapore, Singapore

“I had a great time at the Workshop. It made me realise that I can do more for myself and possibly influence others, as well. As I did the writing drawing exercises, these words came to light: “Be more than my potential. Be potent.”
The mix of people from all over the world was fantastic. I was able to see how all our brains interpreted the same instructions differently while unlocking the creativity within.”

Cathy Kee, Choreographer, Singapore, Singapore


Field Operations, Atlanta, GA

“The exercises helped me to explore my creative side, which in my current profession, I don’t get to do very often. I highly recommend this workshop for people who are just beginning to explore their creative talents.”

Rencher Gutteridge, Field Operations, Chick-fil-A, Inc., Atlanta, GA


Assistant Professor, Dept. Media/Communication, Leiden, Netherlands

“This was my second Creativity Workshop, and the experience was even better than the first time! I participated in the workshop because I thought it would help me with my fiction writing. This has been the case, but this time around I find it is also useful for my academic research! This week I have been mapping out my theoretical argument with paper and colored pencils. Not only has this been incredibly inspiring but lots of fun, too.”

Janelle Ward, Assistant Professor, Dept. Media/Communication, Erasmus University, Leiden, Netherlands


Art Director, Dearborn, MI

“Such a positive atmosphere with outstanding instructors and a fantastic group of individuals coming together to find creativity. The people were as diverse as the activities, a complete experience in itself. I’ve never been had such great personal experiences with people. I learned new ways to bring forth inspiration and motivation from within. So many new experiences at this Workshop that sparked inspiration and stimulated imagination. Thank you for such a different outlook on what’s inside Creativity”

Marcus Morabito, Art Director, McCann Erickson/Detroit, Dearborn, MI



Physical Education Teacher, Cary, NC

“My experience at The Creativity Workshop was outstanding. I was able to learn how to be creative and not so rigid in my thinking. It inspired me to the point of creating a Creativity Club at my school for next year. Shelley, you are an inspiration to me and your work is the work of beauty. Thank you so much for unleashing my imagination and creativity.”

Kim Shaw, Physical Education Teacher, Cary Academy, Cary, NC


Senior Lecturer on Creative Thinking and Branding, Eindhoven, Netherlands

“I came back from the Creativity Workshop very inspired and fulfilled. Doing exercises using little else but our own imagination and wisdom, guided by great teachers, was a wonderful and playful journey. Thank you Shelley and Alejandro for your knowledge, carefulness and energy.”

Ineke Huyskens, Senior Lecturer on Creative Thinking and Branding, Fontys University, Eindhoven, Netherlands.


English Teacher, Alexandria, VA

“Shelley and Alejandro use the human imagination as their tool for instruction, and each day took my 20 classmates and me on fantastic journeys of creative exploration. We wrote plays based on tiny, found objects like coins, shells, and charms; we drew images of creatures we imagined as our avatars in the animal kingdom; we wrote letters as our fathers to us at age 16; we relaxed our bodies, and subsequently, our minds, with meditation and fought our inner critics. Quite frequently what we discovered was the importance of the process of creative work over the result.”

Andrew Sidle, PHD, Upper School English Teacher, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, Alexandria, VA


Librarian, Newport, RI

“It amazes me, after a second Creativity Workshop with Shelley and Alejandro, how they create an environment that invites participants to authentically connect and explore, connections that, often, continue after the workshop is over. This experience helped me to slow down, stop, observe and see. In this busy world this is a gift. Finally, I was reminded that 15 minutes a day could unlock doors. Yes, I can find, make 15 minutes a day.”

Dianne Grinnell, Librarian, Newport, RI



Faculty Member, Arabic, King’s Academy, Jordan

“It was a pleasure to meet up with such brilliant minds during the creativity workshop. The instructors, Dr. Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel, contributed generously in carrying out the workshop. They demonstrated great experience, marvelous patience, enormous variety of drawing and writing activities which enriched our experience as participants. As a teacher, I highly recommend the creativity workshop for fellow teachers.”

Majid Nasser Eddin, Faculty Member, Arabic, Department of Communication, Rhetoric and the Literary Arts(CRLA), King’s Academy, Jordan


Instructional Technologist/Computer Teacher, Houston, TX

“The Creativity Workshop, quite honestly, was the most unique, compelling, and impactful professional (and personal) development workshop in which I have ever had the opportunity to participate. Our instructors were simply fabulous, and they expertly guided participants in expanding their creative processes in a welcoming and comfortable environment. They truly are highly gifted at what they do, and they skillfully weave together a refreshing, motivational, and enjoyable experience for all involved. I hope to be able to return to a workshop again very soon – and to bring my husband with me next time”

Katie Alaniz, Instructional Technologist/Computer Teacher, River Oaks Baptist School, Houston, TX


Vice Principal, Canada

Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed The Creativity Workshop. It helped us reawaken our creative instincts and reminded us about the need to make creativity part of our daily lives. Our creative instructors and the wonderful setting of Barcelona made this a truly memorable experience.”

Violet Towell, Vice Principal, Thames Valley District School Board, London, Canada


Pastor, Las Cruces, NM

“There were so many kindred spirits with such wonderful diversity. The Workshop was the right environment for us to share our insights and experiences. In each session we were encouraged to open ourselves to new imaginative possibilities. Something dormant within me came back to life as I rediscovered my own creative spirit. Barriers seemed to melt and my horizons in creative expression have begun to expand.”

Mitchell Dowalgo, Pastor St Albert Great Newman Center, Las Cruces, NM


New Media and Screenwriting, Brisbane, Australia“I have been waiting to do the Creativity Workshop for a number of years. It was my promised reward to myself through the years I was writing my PhD and finally in Summer 2013 the time was right. To find myself in the middle of the artistic and cultural hub that is New York with a room full of like-minded people from around the globe was truly one of the great experiences of my life. As a long time tertiary educator, publisher and professional writer who has taught, researched and mentored many through the Creative Process, I thought I knew a lot. But I also knew that there was something else I needed to know. I found the answers to what I was looking for with Shelley and Alejandro. Their intuitive and intellectual, yet practical and individual approach to opening my eyes to the heart and soul of creativity was something that I will take with me for the rest of my professional and personal life.”

Dr Margaret McVeigh, New Media and Screenwriting, Brisbane, Australia


Psychologist, Calgary, Canada

I am happy to write about my positive experience at the Creativity Workshop. Shelley and Alejandro were excellent instructors. They were so warm and nurturing as well as extremely knowledgeable and interesting. The days were well planned and I felt I learned something from every activity. I feel committed to giving daily time and energy to further my creativity. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone.”

Deborah Nunziata, Psychologist, Calgary, Canada


Corporate Account Manager, New Orleans, LA

“The Creativity Workshop gave me very real, easy to use methods of stimulating ideas and using my imagination. The instructors are terrific and the participants as well. It was great to meet people from all over the world and share ideas. It is truly one of the unique learning experiences of my life. Thank you!”

Colleen Mooney, National Account Manager/ AT&T (retired), New Orleans, LA


College President, Moshav Kidron, Israel

“The workshop was very productive and enthusiastic. Shelley and Alejandro are excellent and gifted instructors. They managed to lead a group of strangers (we started as complete strangers and ended up as a family…) through the labyrinth of imaginatory thinking.”

Eli Zamski, President, Achva College of Education,Moshav Kidron, Israel


Nursing Educator, Barragup, Australia

“Wow what a wonderful week it has been. It brought out a very different me. I purchased a small sketch book (that will now live in my handbag). Then I went to a small cafe and spent the afternoon sketching. Thanks you so very much for this awesome opportunity.”

Prue Andrus, RN, Lecturer in Nursing, Murdoch University, Barragup, Australia


President, SpaFinder Inc., New York, NY

“Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel were keynote speakers at the 2012 Global Spa and Wellness Summit in Aspen – offering aspects of their workshop to delegates who want to flip on their creativity switch. Personally, I feel as though this session is closest to the heart of our “Innovation through Imagination” theme.”

Susie Ellis, President, SpaFinder Wellness Inc., and Board Member Global Spa and Wellness Summit, New York, NY


Engineer, Marseille, France

“I have taken the workshop twice. I loved it the first time, but the 2nd time was even more powerful. Because of the workshop I discovered how to arrange the interior of the chalet that I’m rebuilding in the mountains in the very north of Provence. The workshop helped my ideas start their transformation from thought into reality. Perhaps we can teach engineers that their work starts with ideas and not with formulas.”

Einar Wensink, Engineer, Eurocopter, Marseille, France


Attorney, Atlanta, GA

You made me come alive again, and my family and friends say that they can hear it from the excitement in my voice when I speak about the Workshop and my writing. You showed me how to dig my ideas out from beneath the surface. You taught me how to let my hand outrun my Inner Critic, the fear of which used to paralyze my creativity before I even began. Despite the stresses of daily life, I now find that i can’t wait to start writing and see what I will discover. Your methods are incredible.”

Elene Catrakilis, Attorney, Atlanta, GA


Dancer, Art Therapist, Pourt-au-Prince, Haiti

“I am so excited to share what I got from this workshop, to enable people to tap into unlimited creativity.”

Christina Clodomir, Art Therapist and Dancer, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Geriatrics MD, Heddesheim, Germany

“I very much enjoyed the creativity class, especially the visual journeys and the writing parts. It was also great to meet all the different people from all over the world and from many different professions.”

Jana Hummel, MD, Geriatrics, Heddesheim, Germany


Director, Safe and Healthy Schools Progam, Raleigh, NC

“I found the experience to be mind-altering. Each day I lost myself in the workshop activities and could not believe when class time came to an end. I highly recommend this experience to anyone “stuck at the moment” or who wants to explore themselves for greater growth.”

Ben Matthews, Director, Safe and Healthy School Support Division, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Raleigh, NC


Social Worker, Sydney, Australia

“I had a great time attending The Creativity Workshop in Barcelona. I loved it! My experience of seeing the city that I had been dreaming of visiting for decades was greatly enhanced both by the creative exercises, which expanded my vision, and by the companionship of the other members of the group. That week will remain in my memory as a ‘sparkling moment’ in my life. As well as utilizing my increased confidence in my own creativity, I intend to incorporate several of the exercises we engaged in into my work as a counselor and therapist with both children and adults.”

Philippa Naivasha, Social Worker and School Counsellor, Sydney, Australia


Chief Marketing Officer, New York, NY

“The workshop was an enlightening experience. I was amazed by the tools that I learned for opening up my creative side and thinking about aspects of my life in new ways.”

Barbara Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at The Association of Junior Leagues International, New York, NY


Writer, Mexico City, Mexico

“The Creativity Workshop in New York was so dynamic that the three and a half hours of class time went by like three and a half minutes. I came back home full of energy and ideas. The class set free my creative process, and reminded me not to only look to the final product.”

Lissette Sutton, Author, Mexico City, Mexico


English Teacher, Atlanta, GA

“During the course of the workshop, I felt my creative self come out of hibernation. I left each day having written things that I didn’t know were inside of me to write I wanted to take this creative journey because creativity is a skill that is valued in all aspects of society, but we often don’t know how to fully tap into it and maximize it for ourselves and our students.”

Cherise Ayers, Fund for Teachers Recipient, English Teacher, Maynard Jackson High School. Atlanta, GA


Headmaster, Antwerp, Belgium

“The Creativity Workshop gave me such an energy boost! It left me wanting to go straight back to my new school to try out all these new wonderful techniques. Alejandro and Shelley were just the perfect guides throughout this entire process that made me realise just how much creativity there is already to be found in myself.”

Bart De Roeck, Headmaster, International School of Leuven, Antwerp, Belgium


Psychologist, London, United Kingdom

“The teachers are brilliant at making one feel you’re the only person being attended to.”

Pauline Crawford, Business Psychologist and Image Consultant, Corporate Heart, London, United Kingdom


Award Winning Poet and Playwright, Tel Aviv, Israel

“The workshop went beyond my expectations. It really helped me to listen to my instincts and emotions again. I hope to take it again soon.”

Tamir Greenberg, Award Winning Poet and Playwright, Tel Aviv, Israel


Principal, St. Paul, MN

“The Workshop enabled me to be a stronger instructional leader. I encourage educational leaders to attend The Creativity Workshop with fellow school administrators. It has helped us be supportive of each other as we implement new curriculum and instructional strategies. The Workshop experience was enlightening for my professional understanding of the creativity journey and enhanced my understanding of students’ writing process.”

Anna Marie Erbes, Principal, St. Paul Public School District, St. Paul, MN


Business Consultant, Istanbul, Turkey

“This was my fourth time taking The Creativity Workshop, and every time it has been different and special. These workshops have helped me transform my life.”

Kelly Hevel, Pfizer Project Manager, currently Ex-pat Business Consultant, Istanbul, Turkey


Biomedical Science Professor, Dallas, TX

“I think the most important thing that I learned in the workshop with Shelley and Alejandro is that it is more important to engage regularly in the creative process than it is to worry about producing some perfect ideal. I suppose I could have learned that by reading it somewhere, but learning it in an experiential class was much more powerful. The workshop introduced me to several excellent activities that I now use on a daily basis to get into creative mode. I now have an early morning creative practice that I consider to be the most important part of my day, and I learned all the skills I now use in my daily practice from The Creativity Workshop. Now I am regularly meditating, generating artwork, unfocused writing, and focused writing in just a couple hours at the start of each day. I can say from experience that The Workshop offers the right combination of travel, inspiration, and practical tools that can turn you into a daily practitioner of creativity. I’m already making progress on some of my creative goals and I am even producing things that I had not specifically set out to create. Now I am considering making another visit to the workshop in another city to mark a year of practice and to keep my practice active and inspired. If you are curious about how to become a productive creative, I highly recommend Shelley and Alejandro’s workshop.”

Darren M. Roesch, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University,
Dallas, TX


College Dean, Winter Park, FL

“A perfect blend of relaxation and stimulation. The assignments fostered discovery and creativity, yet left us plenty of time to enjoy the wonders of Crete. I came away from the workshop with an array of techniques that I can call upon to encourage my creativity.”

Patricia Lancaster, Ph.D. Dean Emerita of the Hamilton Holt School and Professor Emerita of French, Rollins College, Winter, Park, FL


Corporate Editorial Director, Anaheim, CA

“The Creativity Workshop is a thrilling and magical experience. Shelley and Alejandro are outstanding facilitators. The exercises were exhilarating and opened my eyes to the world around me. I feel very alive from it. I am sure I will take this workshop again.”

Jodie Berlin Morrow, PHD, Empowerment Coach for Cranio-Facial Conditions, New York, NY


Creative Director, Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, MO

“My purpose in coming to this workshop was to free myself from the standard expectations of my role at work. I wanted to engage in a workshop where I didn’t know anyone, in an environment that would encourage me to explore and create. Participating in the Creativity Workshop in Florence did just that. The workshop was not too intimidating for those who felt out of their element in a class on creativity, but provided a treasure trove of new techniques and inspiring approaches for those of us who come from a creative profession. I was amazed at the diverse group of individuals involved. I believe there were at least 12 countries represented in my class. I learned much from each of them. I loved the interactive portions that allowed us to know more about each other’s cultures and how we approach creativity differently. It was a great experience. I would love to participate again. I want to go through the experience with a different group of people and come back fully energized…just as I did from the Florence Workshop.”

Peggy Wrightsman Parolin, Creative Director, Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, MO


Psychologist, Irvine, CA

“This Workshop proved to be more impacting and practical than I could have imagined. Since returning home I’ve used its ideas and methods in my own writing and in behalf of others in my practice. When I recall the time with our instructors, I think of the warmth and acceptance they extended to each of us. They created a positive atmosphere that enhanced creativity and our connection with one another.”

Denise Mullen, Psychologist, Irvine, CA


Programme and Curriculum Leader, Advertising Creativity, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

“The Creativity Workshop I attended in Florence was excellent. I came away with at least three possible beginnings for projects I’d like to pursue. That wasn’t the intention for me or the workshop itself, but it’s been a happy bonus. Great tutors in Shelley and Alejandro who created a warm, none threatening atmosphere for us all. I had a great time.”

Paul White, Programme and Curriculum Leader, Advertising Creativity, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand


Fund for Teachers Fellow, Houston, TX

Each activity in The Creativity Workshop demonstrated that there are multiple creative means for each individual to follow their own creative process in order to fulfill their creative potential. We now feel more inspired than ever to nurture our students’ creative potentials and lifelong love of learning.”

Ashlee Land, Fund for Teachers Recipients, Houston Fellow, Houston, TX


Broadway Actress, New York, NY

“Your Workshop provides an environment that nurtures and supports the creative process in safety and joyfulness. I found power in the “doing” and a safe place to be in an atmosphere of deep respect and creative energy with affection and warmth that circulated in the air.”

Lee Anne Fahey, Award Winning Actress, New York, NY


Advertising Professional, United Media Services, Muscat, Oman

Shelley and Alejandro- A team, a combo which not only ensures an influence over your mind and actions for those few hours of the workshop, but over a lifetime!

Using simple, easy to use tools, these creativity exercises leave an extraordinary impression and impact!

I thank the Creativity Workshop for contributing in my evolution. I not only give it a 5 Star rating but also highly recommend it to my peers!”

Jagruti Narwani, Advertising Professional, Muscat, Oman


High School English Teacher, Nashville, TN

I worked harder in this workshop and had more fun and felt more fulfilled than with any other professional development I have ever taken.”

Jan Little, AP English Teacher, Brentwood High School, Nashville, TN


Board of Education Member, Ridgefield, CT

“Kudos to our teachers for creating a truly safe environment, which forged a sense of community and creativity, new friendships and ideas. Many of us didn’t want to leave…. ever!!!!”

Nancy Gibson, Ridgefield Board of Education, Ridgefield, CT


Deputy Directorof School Principals, Washington, DC

“I cannot tell you how inspiring your workshop was! I continue to draw inspiration from those few days!”

Deborah B. Reeve, Ed. D., Deputy Executive Director, National Association of Elementary School Principals, Washington, DC


Writer, Huntington, NY

How could imagination not thrive with two such superb teachers? As a former educator, I was impressed by their unending array of mind-stretching exercises. I particularly admired their ability to connect people, ideas, and techniques seamlessly.”

Lad Goldberger, Aspiring Novelist and Assistant Principal (Retired), South Huntington Schools, Huntington, NY


Graduate Student, Pisa, Italy

If it wasn’t for this class I fear I never would have finished my master’s thesis. I was blocked until I took the Workshop. The class breaks down all your fears about thinking and writing. ”

Francesca Salidu, Ph.D. Candidate in Shakespeare, University of Pisa, Italy


Organist, Portland, OR

“My 17-year-old granddaughter and I loved the time we spent together in The Creativity Workshop. Everything was well planned and carried out in the workshop. It was especially nice to hear the philosophy: “Creativity is a Journey, rather than a Goal.” “Learning is a Process, not a Product.””

Barbara Hansen Epplett, Organist and Professor of Organ Music, Emeritus, University of Oregon, Portland, OR


Director, Leadership in Medicine, College Station, TX

“The Creativity Workshop empowers people of many different ages to make transitions in their lives. The artist-teachers do this by stimulating reflection, remembrances, interactions, and by drawing upon the wellsprings of creative energy deep inside each of us. This Workshop provides a safe space and support for the inner exploration so lacking in today’s hectic world.”

Janine C. Edwards, Professor and Co-Director of the Leadership in Medicine Program, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX


College Professor, Raanana, Israel

“The greatest experience ever!
The most influencing and powerful “intervention” to releasing my inner creative creature. THANK YOU SHELLEY AND ALEJANDRO!”

Alexandr Tsimerman, College Professor, The College for Academic Studies, Raanana, Israel


Visual Artist, Albuquerque, NM

“A treasure trove of techniques! It was amazing to watch our group begin as strangers and end with open hearts and new friends.”

Shara Hannah Finerman, Artist, Albuquerque, NM


High School English Teacher, Southborough, MA

The Creativity Workshop was life changing! As a creative writing teacher and a writer for so many years, I doubted whether I’d hear anything new. But I came away with some eye-opening processes that will keep my “creative muscle” flexible and strong. Joining drawing and writing is sparking renewed energy. The generosity and intelligence of the participants was palpable.”

Jan Karman, English Teacher, Wayland High School, Southborough, MA


Elementary School Principal, Alberta, Canada

The Workshop helped me to determine the elements to be a successful creative thinker and how to pass those abilities on to my staff and students.”

Lee Koran, Principal, St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary School, Alberta, Canada


Award Winning Filmmaker, Munich, Germany

“Thank you for the great, great inspiration and fun of The Creativity Workshop. It helped me get a whole screenplay done. It was great for me and my film directing students. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them so happy.”

Doris Doerrie, Award winning Filmmaker of Men (Munner), Professor, Munich Film School, Germany


Art Teacher, Accra, Ghana

A wonderful way to develop your creativity with like-minded people. The atmosphere is relaxed and respectful. You can join in to your hearts content, participate reflectively, or just sit back and listen.”

Nicki Hambleton, Artist and Art Teacher, United World College SEA, Singapore


Writer, Publisher, Princeton, NJ

The Workshop was exactly what I needed to reclaim the writer in me. It isn’t often that a trip or a workshop meets all of one’s expectations. But my sojourn to Crete to attend The Creativity Workshop did, and then some. I immediately responded to the relaxed yet structured workshop sessions, which lent themselves to connecting with other participants. The three-and-a-half-hour sessions sped by.”

Hanna Fox, Writer, Publisher, Red Hummingbird Press, Princeton, NJ


History Teacher, Boston, MA

“The workshop activities stimulated perception, curiosity, and inspiration in the world around me. The workshop activities have become a source of ideas as I plan curriculum units for the coming year. Over and over again, during the workshop, I was pushed to … express ideas through writing, drawing, and free association. The workshop pushed me to become more comfortable with spontaneity – an invaluable tool for an educator, especially one that works with emotionally and behaviorally challenged students in a school where classroom dynamics shift moment to moment.”

Noah Kaufman, History Teacher/At Risk Students, FFT Fellow, Boston Public Schools, Boston, MA


4th Grade Teacher, Saint Paul, MN

Never be discouraged by the doubts of others, keep true to your own being–this is what I learned from The Creativity Workshop. Participants are safe and wade into the creative waters gently. The Creativity Workshop is a door to understanding the unique path one can take to creative fulfillment.”

Juliana James, 4th Grade Teacher, Frost Lake Magnet School, Saint Paul, MN


Business Strategist, New York, NY

“Shelley and Alejandro started the wheels turning for me. I’ve been talking for years about writing “my book” but it was all talk and no action. This class taught me valuable techniques to get over writer’s block. It is no longer something I fear as I’ve gained practical tools to work through it. I also met great people at the Workshop and had a lot of fun. Hats off to Shelley and Alejandro for their wisdom, patience, and guidance.”

Diane Pick, President, Negotiation Mastery, Inc., New York, NY


Educator / Administrator, Hartford County, MD

“I’ve taken your Workshops twice! They have become a precious part of the ongoing tapestry of this journey called life. And, in deep, deep winter I am warmed by your exercises in visualizations, ‘free drawing’, and memories of the collective stories we shared.”

Dr. Alice Daum Coen, Educator/Administrator, Hartford County, Maryland Public Schools, Hartford County, MD


Head of Unite Program, Durban, South Africa

“I came because I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. It certainly was! The whole experience was so relaxing and opened “new doors and windows” to areas that were foreign to me. I always battle to find a “quiet place in my mind” and I was able to do that more than ever using some of your activities.”

Noel Powell, Head of Unite Program, School of Engineering, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa


Vice President of Event Management, Austin, TX

“Many people subscribe to the conventional wisdom that there are two types of people: creative people and everyone else. Others view creativity as a universal trait; for them, it’s practically impossible to get through a day without making creative choices. The TG 2009 Annual Training Conference offered a variation of this debate with a thought-provoking “Creativity Workshop.
Using various real-life examples, including artist Joan Míro and author Herman Melville, Fogel illustrated the unique nature of human thought — humans are considered to be the only creatures who think in metaphor — and how failing can be a critical component of success. Berc discussed the unique ability of humans to empathize with others, or “put ourselves in another creature’s shoes.” In the financial aid office, this important skill can be key for providing creative responses to problems and designing customer service approaches that work.”

Vicki Tanner, Vice President of Product Training & Event Management, Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp (TG), Austin, TX


English Professor, Saratoga Springs, NY

“The Creativity Workshop provided the perfect focus for my travel in Greece. The thing that works so wonderfully is the instructors’ commitment to understanding and explaining the purposes of each activity. I brought back so many ideas from this Workshop – both for the classroom and my own writing. I returned home inspired by the passion, intellect, and integrity of Shelley and Alejandro.”

Courtney Reid, Writer and Assistant Professor of English, Adirondack Community College, Saratoga Springs, NY


Corporate Management Consultant, Atlanta, GA

This stuff WORKS! The Workshop showed me how to apply my natural creative talents in the workplace. I have already used free writing and free drawing exercises in business applications to jump-start a team in solving a time-sensitive problem through creativity.”

Bill English, In-House Management Consultant, Chick-Fil-A Restaurants, Atlanta, GA


Designer, Madison, WI

“The Creativity Workshop is one of the best ways to discover a new city. Exploring our creative spirits each evening opened my visual and kinesthetic senses for the following day. The participants were wonderful. They warmly shared their personal lives through the creative writing and drawing exercises.”

Nancy Welch, President, Welch Design Group, Madison, WI


Small Business Owner, Nacogdoches, TX

Your Workshop was faithful to every word of its description. Workshops are often misrepresented when marketers attempt to hook as many participants as possible. Not this one! Your planning, experience, talent, and dedication create a wonderful flow. I left inspired and energized.”

Steve Adams, Small Business Owner, Nacogdoches, TX


Business Owner, Taguig City, Philippines

This workshop was an empowering and memorable experience. There was a great chemistry among the participants and with our wise, humble instructor, Dr. Kirpal Singh. The whole experience touched both mind and heart, a rare occurrence in today’s numerous workshop offerings.”

Marjorie Go, Business Owner, BrainRx Learning Plus, Inc., Taguig City, Philippines


Ell Teacher, St. Paul, MN

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone who, wants to feel more alive. The instructors were like wizards. With the supportive and creative environment they created, their knowledge and various techniques, and our basic tools of pencil and paper, they raised my consciousness about how important it is to exercise the imagination.”

Kathleen O’Neill, ELL Teacher to Adults, Carver-Scott Educational Coop, St. Paul, MN


Veterinarian, Danbury, CT

“After the workshop ended, I couldn’t stop writing and sketching. I filled up three journals over the next week! When my left brain was leading me down one path, the Workshop exercises reminded me that it was the right brain’s turn this time. I was totally amazed at what came out on my paper and out of my mouth.”

Gwendolyn McCormick, Veterinarian, Danbury, CT


Art Teacher, Gauteng, South Africa

“I am now using your visualization exercises with 200 children. Your workshop is touching the lives of many, many people here in South Africa. My dream is to attend another of your workshops, in another country because I do believe that the newness of ones surroundings is playing a magical role in my own perception of creativity.”

Lanette Breedt, Artist and Teacher, Gauteng, South Africa


University Music Student, Iowa City, IA

“In The Creativity Workshop, I found a place to dream, to question, to understand. I strongly believe that we should fearlessly guard such spaces and ensure that they remain a part of this university. The Creativity Workshop and Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel’s teaching are invaluable assets to the University of Iowa.”

Evan Mazunik, Student, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


Literacy Magazine Editor, Baltimore, MD

“Absolutely amazing things happen when you take flight at The Creativity Workshop. You will return to earth, magically transformed. Each morning in Barcelona, we awoke to blue, sunny skies and a warm Mediterranean breeze. We spread out with our journals and colored pencils near by, and then, lulled by the cadence of our instructor’s musical voice, we switched off the editor in our heads and set out to capture lost dreams.”

Lalita Noronha, Poet and Novelist, Fiction Editor, The Baltimore Review, Baltimore, MD


Trainer, London, United Kingdom

The Creativity Workshop teaches techniques not taught in schools, which are essential for creative thinking. They are also priceless when applied to the creative process of living.”

Katie McCann, Trainer, London, United Kingdom


Art Therapist, Mechanicsburg, PA

“I liken Shelley and Alejandro to Pied Pipers, leading workshop participants along a path of creativity that opens both inner and outer worlds to an extreme new awareness. They are trustworthy guides on the varied paths being traveled by the workshop participants. The workshop will charm you, challenge you, and refresh the very way you approach your work and daily living.”

Diana Matteson, Art Therapist, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Mechanicsburg, PA


Psychology Professor, Chico, CA

“I regard The Creativity Workshop as a turning point in my career. It was after the workshop that I began thinking about how I wanted to combine my love and interest in the visual arts with my expertise as a psychologist. I developed a new international program: the international cognitive visualization program — a dual Masters degree between the University of Grenoble in France and the California State University. Thanks to The Creativity Workshop, for making a huge contribution to my creativity and my career.”

Neil H. Schwartz, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, California State University, Chico, CA


Professor, Newton, NJ

“The Workshop was an inspirational connection with body and soul. I am so grateful to have been a part of such an elegant, kind, soulful and intellectual group. The instructors gently moved us to see in a new way. I never would have experienced Florence so thoroughly, so awake without your gifts.”

Joanna Reed, Professor, Sussex County Community College, Newton, NJ


Painter, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Creativity Workshop in Florence opened up new ways for me to paint. I also made new and wonderful friends. The instruction is superb!”

Vera Eisenberg, Painter, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Gifted Students Teacher, Falls Church, VA

“The Florence Creativity Workshop taught me the value of sharing my ideas and work with others. The observation exercises had me noticing all sorts of new things. In the past my rolls of film might have been filled with the typical pictures of the Duomo. The Workshop changed all that. Now I’ve captured on film, or in writing, or simply in my memory, images of the delicate turn of a leaf, the petals of a hydrangea on a terra cotta terrace, the contrast of a freshly fallen lemon on a bed of grass.”

Heidi Lang, Teacher of Gifted Students. Falls Church City Public Schools, Falls Church, VA


Senior Director, Innovation & Design, Kaiser Permanente Healthcare, Oakland, CA

“I loved the Creativity Workshop, more than I could have imagined. I came with my Innovation team and the time was well spent. We got to know each other better and rekindled our creative spirit through the inspiring exercises. We had a chance to slow down, which is so critical in the fast paced nature of our work. We continue to apply the TCW exercises in our innovation and design work to improve health care.”

Estee Neuwirth, Senior Director, Innovation & Design, Kaiser Permanente Healthcare, Oakland, CA


Professor, Moscow, ID

“The instructors do not waste any class time and set a delightful tone of reflective and playful practice. The well thought-out exercises help participants sift through the surface layers quickly and get to what matters. Each exercise was relevant to my own classroom so the workshop is very useful. But what was most valuable to me was how engaging the workshop was for my own imaginative work, the very work that will support my own writing and how I pay attention to and engage the world.”

Cheryl Johnson, English Professor, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID


Sociology Professor, Santa Cruz, CA

“I brought the workshop exercises into my senior thesis writing class. The students LOVED them, and their writing was far better than students’ work in previous classes.”

Pamela Perry, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA


Managing Director, Music Education, Gisborne, Australia

“After denying my creative side for many years, this workshop was the perfect way to get the juices flowing again. It is helping me rekindle my passion for music, drawing, and writing– a very satisfying experience.”

Craig Trickey, Managing Director, Victoria Keyboard Academy, Gisborne, Australia


Corporate Vice President, Cardinal Health, OH

“I learned how to get back to that “fun” part of writing at the Workshop. Because I write for a living, I had forgotten how to write for fun. Writing without rules or consequences — letting words and ideas spill out — taking off the handcuffs I’ve been wearing in my corporate life. The bonus for me was exploring my creativity in other ways: drawing–to learn how my hand moves; photography– to learn how to see differently; working with classmates to learn how to collaborate. All this on a Greek Island!”

Amy White, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Cardinal Health, OH


University Dean and English Professor, Morris County, NJ

“As a writer, I have to say the workshop stands as a crucial juncture in my work. The instructors were excellent guides to finding one’s buried or stifled creativity, coaxing it out with intriguing assignments in art and writing, and teaching us to let go of the various “blocks” The Workshop participants-writers, advertising executives, teachers, artists, poets–were especially interesting companions in this enriching experience. Being on a Greek island in a lovely ancient town meant there was inspiration at every turn.”

Mary Cross, Ph.D., Dean and Professor Emerita of English, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Morris County, NJ


Elementary School Principal, Denville, NJ

“The Creativity Workshop was a chance to use the colorful pieces of my life story, appreciate their value, and put together those individual gems to build a bigger picture. Friendships were quickly made and the bonds of our common history enhanced the experience. Each day as I walked to class, I looked forward to the new treasures my mind would unearth.”

Dr. Drucilla Clark, Principal, Lakeview Elementary School, Denville, NJ


Economics Consultant, Dripping Springs, TX

The workshop was amazing! Through the exercises I was put in touch with long-forgotten events of my youth. I learned new ways to access my memory and how to uncover unexpected relationships in my ideas. An excellent investment indeed and so much fun!”

William E. Avera, Ph.D, CFA, Economic Consultant, Dripping Springs, TX


Composer, Knoxville, TN

“Shelley and Alejandro are truly masters of creativity exploration. They guide you on a most amazing journey of yourself. Under their skillful navigation, the cramped, stress-laden adult attitudes that you arrive with seem to melt away. They are replaced with the precious gift of childlike wonder for the world and all she holds. Your creative self spills out with a giggle. Oh, what joy to feel the beauty of the world and to honor your own creative self!”

Sheri Matascik, Composer, Associate Professor of Music, Maryville College, Knoxville, TN


Designer, Newmarket, United Kingdom

“Thank you for the illuminating experience of your Creativity Workshop in Dublin. Even though I’ve resumed my usual busy working day, I have already put into practice”

Judy Spenser-Morris, Designer, Property Developer, Newmarket, United Kingdom


Private School Teacher and Writer, Toowoomba, Australia

If you want to be pushed to the very edge of your creative limits, then this workshop will deliver. The Creativity Workshop ranks easily with the greatest experiences of my life. The creative activities were some of the most challenging tasks I have ever attempted. I came from Australia with my young family to attend the workshop, and it was worth every kilometer of the 40 hour round trip.”

Clayton Lachmund, Teacher and Writer, Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba, Australia


Poet, Chattanooga, TN

“I produced as much poetry in the 5 day Crete Workshop as I did in a month in a conventional poetry workshop. The emphasis on ‘In process’ work really helped me. I also enjoyed the company of my husband in this workshop; he isn’t a poet and wouldn’t attend a poetry workshop. The multi-genre approach of The Creativity Workshop has many benefits to this end.”

Sally Naylor, Poet and English Teacher, Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN


Choreographer, Munster, Germany

“The class’s spirit of spontaneity gave me energy. Achieving results in a playful way helped me believe in my imagination!”

Claudine Merkel, Dancer/Choreographer, Munster, Germany


Professor, Moorhead, MN

“One of the best investments of my life! I thought long and hard before deciding to commit the time and money to attend The Creativity Workshop in Paris. Every hour brought fresh insights, ideas, and inspirations for both professional and personal development. I’m still drawing from the wealth of stimulation that I received. Will I return for another Creativity Workshop in the future? Absolutely!”

Laura Fasick, Professor, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN


Creative Writing Teacher, Washington, DC

I taught a creative writing class yesterday afternoon and felt a new confidence after the summer’s Creativity Workshop. My students seem more excited about their work using your exercises. I feel that in several months’ time I shall still be doing and saying things that echo what we covered in your wonderful workshop.”

Noel Shepherd, Creative Writing Teacher, Washington International School, Washington, DC


Banking Executive, Gauteng, South Africa

The Workshop allowed me for the first time to really hear my own voice and find a way of expressing it in a way that has been so freeing. From the work we did, I now have loads of snippets from which to continue to write and explore. I see this workshop as a transition point in my life where a new and more powerful way of being will come in to its own. I met some fantastic fellow participants.”

Nikki Kearns, Director, CRM Standard Bank, Gauteng, South Africa


Teacher, International School, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“I only wish that more people could experience what you have to offer. You gave me a feeling a freedom that I NEVER felt before. Shelley and Alejandro have a great gift to share with others. They give of themselves in a way that is incredibly beautiful. Thank you for touching my soul, for helping me soar!”

Dianne Stuckey, Teacher, American School of Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Actress, Playwright, Los Angeles, CA

“The Workshop was a wonderful celebration of our individual possibilities. Everyone jumped in wholeheartedly and supported each other’s undertakings. One of the biggest surprises was the effect of drawing on my work and life. I’m one of those non- drawing people, but as I sketched, it helped me to see more and more. I can’t wait to take the Workshop again. It is food for life.”

Stephanie Satie, Actress and Playwright, Los Angeles, CA


Managing Editor, New York, NY

I got so much encouragement to keep writing my own stuff and such a warm and supportive response from participants as well as from the leaders, especially Shelley. And I enjoyed working on the many exercises and projects alone and with others.”

Rodman Neumann, Managing Editor, Sterling Publishing, Inc. New York, New York, NY


Playwright, Washington, D.C.

The experience of taking the Workshop in Prague two years ago feels like yesterday — it is that close to me. The Workshop has and continues to have a huge impact on me and my work.”

Paulette Laufer, Award Winning Playwright, Theatre Manager for the Kennedy Center for the Arts, Washington, D.C.


Author, French Teacher, Acton, MA

“There was a diverse bunch of interesting people all bent on developing a side of themselves that is all too often ignored. I left the Workshop with a lot of great ideas to motivate my students to write more and better, a sketchbook full of essays for myself, and many sweet and fun memories. I give this course an A.”

Nicole Fandel, Author, French Teacher, Concord Academy, Author, La Maison d’Oncle Max, Acton, MA


Retail Merchant, Seattle, WA

“I attended your workshop in Prague in 2012. It was both inspiring and motivating. As a result of that workshop I ended up opening a Creativity Shop to encourage and enable creative expression. I have found retail to provide an exceptional way to initiate dialogue about the topic of creativity.”

Ken Mitchell, owner of the Aviary, a store devoted to creativity. Previously, product development and marketing exec for the toy industry, Seattle, WA


Teacher, Redmon, WA

The greatest gift I received from the Workshop was to learn in a different way. We took time to focus, take risks, and experiment with different media. I now use many of the Workshop ideas and exercises in the classroom.”

Joyce Standing, Teacher, Overlake Elementary School, Redmon, WA


M.D, New York, NY

“The Workshop helped me open my mind to new ways to stimulate my creativity and give me a better idea of direction.

All in a warm and supportive environment. My deepest appreciation.”

Louis Gleckel, M.D., New York, NY


Composer and Musician, Asbury, NJ

“I took the creativity workshop to help me with my writing and composing. This class turned out to be one of the best things I could have done for myself and my work. The instructors: Shelley & Alejandro are inspirational and there were so many amazing things that I took away from the class that have stimulated the creativity in my work. I highly recommend this class to everyone who needs motivation or encouragement in their creative process.”

Yvonne Axmann, Composer and Musician, Asbury, NJ


Business Consultant, Madison, WI

“I was a participant in your Paris workshop about 5 years ago. I truly cherish the memory of that wonderful week with you and our group. Thank you for the confidence you gave me and permission to create something new! After 15 years, I finally finished my book, “Staying Helathy in Sick Organizations”. In writing this book, when I would get stuck, I would imagine myself back in the workshop doing our visualization and free-form writing and drawing exercises. Somehow, that would get my mind flowing again”

Kathleen Paris, Ph.D., Business Consultant, Madison, WI


Branding Consultant, Singapore, Singapore

“Shelley and Alejandro take you on an adventure that ignites your creative spirit and opens you to greater choices in your life! We were encouraged to see, smell, taste, and feel Dublin as a creative task. A journey of co-creation with strangers who became friends. A journey that makes you see life in a whole new way.”

Rita Haque, Branding and Marketing, Haq Centre, Singapore, Singapore


Therapist, Syracuse, NY

“I have taken this workshop twice and have found each time equally enlightening and enriching. The experience allowed me not only to see the world around me in a different way; it also paved the way for a deeper understanding and perspective of myself. The Workshop stimulated my imagination and brought out parts of me I never knew existed. As a therapist I found the journey into my own inner world enables me to be that much more available to my clients, and paves the way for my own continuing exploration.”

Sheila Coelho, Marriage and Family Therapist, Syracuse, NY



US Government State Dept. Official, Rome, Italy

“I unreservedly recommend this course! Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel taught their Creativity Workshop as American Cultural Specialists under the United States Information Service. To say that they were extremely effective is a vast understatement. They have abundant creativity, energy, and a wealth of skills.”

Gloria Berbena, Assistant Cultural Attaché, US Information Service, US Embassy, Rome, Italy


Entrepreneur, London, United Kingdom

The Workshop helped me expand my views on myself and my creativity. Most importantly, the Workshop taught me about creative structure. Through the gentle guidance of the instructors and through the trusting forum created by the group, I found my route.”

Claudine O’Leary. Entrepreneur, London, United Kingdom


Writer, Upper School English Teacher, Istanbul, Turkey

“An amazing experience. I found the calm and peaceful nature of the Workshop very conducive to thinking in new ways and it gave me the encouragement to walk down some creative avenues I never would have found on my own. I came away from the workshop having accomplished personal writing goals, and also full of great ideas to use in my classroom to liven up my lesson plans. This is an experience that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to make a fresh start in the way they approach their work, be it teaching, computer programing, marketing–whatever! My workshop was full of people from many different professions, and despite the myriad experiences we brought with us to the workshop, each of us was able to work toward the same goal of finding new ways to express our creativity.
I would recommend this exhilarating workshop experience to anyone who is interested in seeking out new ways to look at and communicate with the world around them.”

Andrew LaRaia, Writer, Upper School English Teacher, Istanbul, Turkey


MD Pediatrician, Manassas, VA

“My best friend and I met in NYC to participate in The Creativity Workshop. I traveled from Germany, she from Virginia. We explored the corners of our minds where creativity had been pushed aside by busy work and family demands. I have written more since attending Creativity Workshop than I had in the decade prior!”

Kim Oshirak, MD, Pediatrician and former Lieutenant Commander, US Navy, Manassas, VA


ESL Teacher, Monterey, CA

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the Workshop immensely. I have already started applying the exercises in my life. I have a very stressful job so this relaxing, inspiring workshop was like a piece of heaven for me.”

Natalia Bukharova, ESL Teacher, Monterey, CA


Creative Director & CEO, Leicester, UK

“It was an absolute joy and a real creative “vitamin shot” to attend the workshop. Thank you for the kindness, patience, dedication and above all, LOVE we all shared during the workshop; it was memorable and very heartwarming.”

Shekhar Dhain, Creative Director & CEO, Juicy Audio Productions, Leicester, UK


Professor, Alexandria, Australia

“As an academic, researcher, and writer in the area of early childhood education I speak and write a lot about the importance of play and creativity for children, for teachers and for families. While I have been busy telling others I had filed and forgotten my own capacity to play and imagine. Shelley and Alejandro gently and exquisitely peeled away the layers of debris dumped over years of daily doing and help me to re-discover my own wonder, curiosity and playfulness. The Creativity Workshop was a joyful encounter with a hidden self and a precious source of insight and wisdom that I now weave into my work and daily living.”

Dr Cathie Harrison EdD,Professor in Early Childhood Education, Australian Catholic University, Alexandria, Australia


Playwright, Milledgeville, GA

“I have attended the Workshop 4 times and each time I discover something new. Things I loved:

Automatic writing – I took away from this activity a wholly unexpected new project!

The Storytelling Exercises
Drawing Activities – I am not good at drawing, but it didn’t seem to matter. Because the instructors were passionate and inspiring, I felt at ease and happy to engage in something that fell well outside of my comfort zone.
The Location – I saw two plays during my evenings off in New York. That really enriched my experience as theater is, for me, more than a passing interest.

Things I didn’t love:
Nothing. The experience was beautiful and goes down as one of the most productive professional development activities ever.”

Amy Zipperer, Playwright, Assistant Professor of English, Georgia Military College, Milledgeville, GA


Artist, Doha, Qatar

Working together with others greatly enhanced my capacity to stop being worried about results and simply create. You showed me that process is what counts, and we owe it to each other and the world to share our gifts.”

Willemina van Eeghen, Visual Artist, Doha, Qatar


Head of Department of Marketing, Jeddah, Saudia Arabia

“This Workshop has really reinforced me towards my short term and long term goals. It was such a wonderfully diversified group. The participants were from all age groups, mix of males and females, from all parts of the world and from all professions. I have learned so much from this workshop, and I am using it in my everyday personal and professional life.”

Dr. Zaid Ansari, Director, College Quality Center, College of Business, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Math Teacher, Baltimore, MD

“Shelley and Alejandro created an environment and provided activities that were encouraging and supportive. The class was fun and tapped into a part of me that had been dormant and underdeveloped. Their book is a helpful follow-up to their worthwhile class. I’ve been raving about the class to friends and colleagues.”

Marian Xanders, Math Teacher, The Gilman School, Baltimore, MD


Professor, Berkeley, CA

“The Creativity Workshop in Florence was a unique and wonderful experience, both individually and in the community spirit it created. Through its original weave of play and process, it reminds us that creativity must be allowed, not forced, and provides useful tools to access and stimulate the imagination. A lively group and a supportive, learning-friendly atmosphere, all in one of Europe’s loveliest cities.”

Melita Schaum, Author, Professor, Berkeley, CA


Interior Designer, Morrisville, TX

“The workshop was a wonderful and a worthwhile experience and very satisfying in every way. The group was dynamic and the material was presented in a beautifully orchestrated and well-planned way.”

Sara Waskuch, Interior Designer, Morrisville, VT


Sr. Presentation Content Developer, Oakland, CA

“Half-seminar, half-retreat, my four days with Shelley and Alejandro were
filled with discovery, rejuvenation, connections both human and otherwise,
and a renewed sense of the importance of play.”

Doug Neff, Sr. Presentation Content Developer, Duarte, Inc., Oakland, CA


Artist and Art Therapist, Toronto, Canada

“I am a mixed media visual artist, a retired art teacher & art therapist. Shelley & Alejandro effortlessly created an experiential space where I was able to feel comfortable, confident, re-energized & motivated. I woke up each day like an excited little kid who could hardly wait to get into the workshop…it went by so quickly. I’m sketching daily!”

Charmaine Michael, Artist and Art Therapist, Toronto, Canada


Government Relations Consultant, City Island, NY

“The Workshop practices are easy to remember and can be used on an ongoing basis to continue to stimulate creativity. The class was well-paced and offered a lot of ingenious techniques to spark creativity. It was good to see the teamwork between Alejandro and Shelley and to experience their different approaches. I especially liked the good mix of folks who participated in the workshop.”

Noemi Santana, Government Relations Consultant, TANA Communications, City Island, NY


Science Teacher, Andrews, TX

I am so glad my husband and I took the time to do this. My teaching career requires me to move from topic to topic at breakneck speed, so the luxury of complete focus on one task at a time allowed my mind to go places I had not dreamed it could find. The people who were drawn to the workshop, along with the gentle guidance of Shelley and Alejandro, reinforced the positive experiences of the four days.”

Cindy Tochterman, High School Science Teacher, Andrews, TX


Career Advisor, Santa Cruz, CA

“My workshop experience was fun, enlightening and a chance to meet international individuals who were open to increasing their realm of creativity through various exercises. I was very much at ease in the class and it positively reinforced my way of thinking and operating, personally and professionally. ”

April Goral, Career Advisor, UC-Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA


Journalist, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

This workshop was truly a reawakening. After decades of working on mostly the creativity of others, my spring was drying, my flow strained, until Shelley and Alejandro led me to a quiet place from my childhood, to the beginnings of fascinating life, now anew.”

Ramesh Balan, Journalist, The Saudi Gazette, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Actress, Alliance, NE

“I was learning and actively participating in exciting creativity projects during the day, and experiencing the culture of another country in the evening. I met and collaborated with wonderful people from all over the world who share my ideals and love of incorporating the arts into the classroom, and was able to begin to find my own creative voice as an educator and a writer. I would like to mirror the climate of the learning environment that I experienced in The Creativity Workshop in Crete by creating a safe, positive, and respectful classroom to ensure that my students can share their verbal and written ideas freely and take risks, without fear of failure or ridicule.”

Mary Theresa Green, Actor, Drama Teacher, Lincoln Public High School, Alliance, NE


Artist, Plainfield, NJ

“The Creativity Workshop opened up new ways of thinking and creating for me. I am a visual artist, but I found the writing exercises very freeing and flowed quite easily. This surprised me because I communicate through my paintings and drawings. It excited me that I could create through words as well as images and I am now contemplating ways to blend the 2 in new pieces of work. Thanks to Shelley and Alejandro, they where very inspiring!”

Christine Myshka, Artist, Plainfield, NJ


Architect, Muscat, Oman

“A ‘stunning’ experience. Thanking you for all the new, inspiring ways of thinking and seeing.”

Adi Al Farei, Architect, Royal Court Affairs, Muscat, Oman


Accountant, Los Angeles, CA

“Upon arriving in Bruges, I found myself wondering why I flew half way across the world to take a workshop with a bunch of strangers! Well, due to our fabulous instructors, within the first fifteen minutes of the first day of class, there wasn’t a stranger in sight, only friends!”

JoAnne Southard, Accountant, JMS Consulting, Los Angeles, CA


Stay-at-Home-Mom, Kansas City, KS

“The Workshop was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It took me out of my “safe zone” and exposed me to so much more. Amazing people and talents. I loved being in NYC and surrounded by such a unique group. I have signed up for the November class already.”

Melinda Sih, Stay-at-Home-Mom, Kansas City, KS


College Admissions Specialist, Melbourne, Australia

The Workshop awakened the creativity bug within me. I would do this again and again. The new people that I met and the new friendships that I have formed will last me till the end of my lifetime. I am so grateful to you.”

Tanya M. Keels, Admissions Records Specialist, Brevard Community College, Melbourne, Australia


Learning Technology Consultant, Louisville, KY

“There are many roads to creativity: trusting our instincts and finding a safe environment to manifest them; listening without ears and seeing without eyes; playing and experimenting; overcoming fears of failure or doubt; celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary; and connecting with fellow human beings and finding our universal qualities. All of these I witnessed and experienced in the Creativity Workshop: a wonderful journey of the spirit, the heart and the mind.”

Elvin Serrano, Learning Technology Consultant for Leadership Capabilities and Performance, Humana Insurance,
Louisville, KY


Vice President of Instruction, Aptos, CA

“The Creativity Workshop was the perfect antidote to my stalled creativity. After nearly two decades in senior administration in college, working largely with statute, policies, reports and budgets, most of my creativity was drummed out of me, or at least so I thought. But this four-day workshop invigorated me, inspired me, and opened doors to my imagination that I thought were lost. At first I thought the benefit would be the awakening of the creativity locked in my mind alone, but the interactive exercises encouraged us to work with partners and to share our ideas and our work. I returned home and reflected on the week, I realized that I learned so much more from the process of sharing my “works in progress” with others in the class. ”

Renee Kilmer, Vice President of Instruction (ret), Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA


Consultant, London, United Kingdom

“I was delighted by the course and didn’t want it to end. Beforehand, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was pretty nervous. The emphasis on relaxation, fun and imagination was excellent. This experience has helped me to continue on my personal journey in a more integrated and soulful way. What a lot to get from five days!”

Jo Sumner, Consultant, Ethics Policy/Organizational Development, London, United Kingdom


Actress, Surrey, United Kingdom

Inspirational people, inspirational places and most of all inspirational mentors! This is my third workshop with Shelley and Alejandro. Every time it has given me a fresh and invigorating approach to stimulating my perceptions and kicking off those creative juices. As a teacher of drama for middle schoolers… I have utilized, adapted and integrated the workshop ideas to develop techniques in improvisation and storytelling styles. I have also adapted the Workshop’s wonderful use of listening, retelling, retrieving memories, using prior knowledge and the environment.”

Kay Young, Award Winning Actress, Middle School Drama Teacher, ACS International School, Surrey, United Kingdom


Communications Manager, Blue Cross/Blue Shield Louisiana Foundation, Louisiana

“The Creativity Workshop was a turning point for me, especially in how I approach my work. It’s the place where I learned to be vulnerable, explore every idea, and trust my own creative power. These are the essential ingredients of breakthrough and innovation, and I’m not sure I would have found them so quickly without the Workshop.”

Ben Mahoney, Communications Manager, Blue Cross/Blue Shield Louisiana Foundation, Louisiana


Interior Designer, Beaufort, SC

“Thank you so much for helping me to clarify and name so many things about myself that I might never have discovered had I not been prompted by your workshop! The most important thing I learned is that I don’t need a huge block of time to make art!”

Janette Danielson, Interior Designer, Beaufort, SC


Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase, New York, NY

“Thanks for introducing us to new ways of thinking. I have a feeling that I’ll be experiencing the impact of this class in unexpected ways for the rest of my life.”

Lisa Caesar, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase, New York, NY


Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

“Indeed I want to thank you for an extraordinary experience in the Creativity Workshop – New York City October 17 – 20, 2014. It was full of wonderful surprises, moments of discovery, unexpected turns and gentle pushing on paths I would have not otherwise taken. I particularly enjoyed the automatic writing exercises and the short story/play based on 10 objects. How delightful and rewarding it was to think up a narrative based on someone else’s “random” objects within a very short time. Incredible!”

Dinka Spirovska, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications, American University of Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria


Principal, St. Agnes Academy, Houston, TX

“The Creativity Workshop was presented by Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel for 110 members of our faculty. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. One of our teachers even told me she thought this in-service was our “best ever!”
Why was this workshop so important? Because we we learned that creativity is a muscle: use it or lose it; we learned that we must help our students understand that we all “fail, then then fail again”, and hopefully, “fail better”, and that we must send the message to stop trying to be perfect”

Deborah Whalen, Principal, St. Agnes Academy, Houston, TX


Teacher, Singapore

“The Workshop techniques are so simple yet, so relevant to today’s learning context. They teach how to examine the world for details, which at most times we don’t see. Learning these techniques are essential for our students to become good problem solvers.”

Nazarudin A. Bakar, Teacher, Bedok View Secondary School, Singapore


Teachers, Fund for Teachers Recipients, Minneapolis, MN

“One hour a day, Monday through Friday, at either the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital or the nearby Ronald McDonald House, we teach individual students facing transplants and life-threatening diseases. Customizing hundreds of lessons to ever-changing situations requires creativity. The Creativity Workshop taught us how to draw inspiration from ourselves, our experiences, relationships and, most importantly, our failures and venture into new dimensions. These realizations and newly- developed ideas and skills translate directly to our students. Our students often feel defeated, angry or confused – their illnesses don’t make sense to them. With our new “creativity tool box,” we teach them in ways that make life less traumatizing. All of these are techniques learned in the Creativity Workshop in Florence.”

Juli Evers and Debra Blondeau, Fund for Teachers Recipients, Hospital Agencies, Minneapolis, MN


Teacher, Boston, MA

“The conference was an incredibly meaningful experience for me. It fueled my creativity in writing and art and provided me with lots of ideas I can use with other teachers and students. Despite the incredible range of experiences and abilities of our group, Shelley and Alejandro facilitated experiences that pushed and supported each of us. We had opportunities for meaningful and productive individual, pair, and group work. I ended up with an exciting idea for children’s books with another participant, and had the opportunity to share and get feedback. Prague was an incredible backdrop for the workshop.”

Ronda Goodale, Teacher, Boston Public Schools, Boston, MA


Artistic Director, Shakespeare in Action, Toronto, ON, Canada

“I loved the journey this workshop took me on. It reminded me of the rich value and power of story telling. Thank you for all your guidance.”

Michael Kelly, Artistic Director, Shakespeare in Action, Toronto, ON, Canada


Communications Director, Ottawa, Canada

“Thank you for reminding us that it’s okay to play and to allow our creativity to flourish. Shelley and Alejandro are so gentle and inspiring. I sincerely appreciate their compassion and encouragement throughout this workshop.”

Francine Filion, Director of Communications, Canadian Teachers’ Federation, Ottawa, Canada


Photographer, Cleveland, OH

“I’ve worked in a creative field (photography), for over 30 years and I’ve had a bit of the Mindfulness training, but I still came away with so much inspiration and new ideas from the Creativity Workshop. Even now it still seems fresh. Thank you for your guidance through the glorious maze of the creative process.”

Mike Edwards, Photographer, American Greetings Cards. Cleveland, OH


Social Studies Teacher, New Britain, PA

Shelley and Alejandro are fabulous teachers. They bring back the inner curiosity and creativity that you once had as a child. They made me remember that it is okay to be imaginative at all times and that thinking outside the box is really what makes the world go round. And what better place to experience creativity, curiosity and imagination then in Bruges?”

Gretchen Powers, Tamanend Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Central Bucks School District, New Britain, PA


Teacher, Oak Creek, WI

“Prague–what a beautiful and historic city to explore creativity! The facilities were gorgeous. Shelley and Alejandro guided our creative exploration so that it was non-threatening for even the most inartistically inclined. It’s given me excellent ideas I’ll be using in my classroom as well as applying in my daily life. ”

Anna Morrison, Business Education Teacher, Oak Creek High School, Oak Creek, WI


Social Worker, Austin, TX

The workshop in Barcelona was amazing. Using the city as a context for inspiring creativity was a marvelous experience. All of the class activities were interesting and stimulating. I came home with a greater appreciation for patience, relaxation and the concept of the beginner’s mind.”

Jean Avera, Social Worker, SW Instructor, University of Texas, Austin, TX


Corporate Trainer, Monroe, MI

“The Creativity Workshop rekindled a bright, playful enthusiasm that was hidden deep within me. The skills and creative concepts that I learned provide an immediate application (as well as amazing and unexpected ideas) – both for my own creative projects and for my professional career. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from two such amazing artists and passionate instructors.”

Melinda Eliza Sabo, Corporate Trainer, BMW Group, Monroe, MI


Interactive Marketing Expert, Santa Monica, CA

“It was such a great pleasure to meet you and experience the workshop, which brought me so much joy! Your offering is desperately needed in the marketing and entertainment realm.”

Sara Bordo, President of NowLive; past Exec Director, Interactive Marketing, Paramount Pictures, Santa Monica, CA


Teacher, Houston, TX

“Just 15 minutes – look what you did!”. This was said so often in the Creativity Workshop as we employed short, targeted, and simple exercises to stretch our creative limits. Not only did I discover new areas to explore, I had the amazing opportunity to learn and share with my classmates serving in various occupations all over the world. It was such a beautiful and raw experience to take this creative journey together. Many thanks to Alejandro and Shelley for a fantastic five days!”

Megan Fisackerly, Teacher, Houston ISD, Houston, TX


Journalist, New York, NY

“Happy to report that I am working hard and productively, and I do credit The Creativity Workshop with helping me turn a corner, so infinite thanks again.”

Ashton Applewhite, Author of Cutting Loose: How Women Who End Their Marriages Do So Well and a staff writer at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY


Poet, North Reading, MA

“As a working poet who was in a bit of a dry spell, I found the exercises very helpful and a lot of fun. The exercises were also easily adapted to my creative writing classes. I strongly recommend this experience to my colleagues.”

Nancy Miller, Poet and Creative Writing Teacher, Phillips Academy, North Reading, MA


Librarian, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The combination of writing and drawing exercises were a nice blend, as were the varying size groups we worked in and the various individuals we paired up with. The class had a nice flow to it and enabled us to dip our hands and feet into various creative art forms.”

Amrita McKinney, Librarian, Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


MD, Monterey, CA

Thank you for giving me one of the best and most meaningful experiences in my life. Your workshop helped me realize my longing to write. It has illuminated my ideas and experiences and showed me the way to bring them into my writing.”

Cassandra Ohlsen, MD, Monterey, CA


Teacher, English and Writing, Memphis, TN

“Practically perfect in every way! This was one of the best professional development opportunities I have ever had. The workshop encouraged me personally and has given me almost innumerable ideas for teaching in the English classroom, even the AP English classroom! I will most definitely try to come again and tell many others about this.”

Shari Ray, Teacher, English and Writing, St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis, TN


M.Ed-Literacy, 5th GradeTeacher, Winston-Salem, NC

“Feeling somewhat anxious about traveling to the “Big Apple” alone, I refused to allow fear to deter me from an opportunity to tap into my imagination and creativity while connecting with a very diverse group of individuals. Being able to explore my mind and observe the unfamiliar surroundings of New York peaked my enthusiasm to see EVERYthing around me differently! I so enjoyed the experience and networking that I hope to partake in another of these “mind-opening” workshops!”

April Gamble, M.Ed-Literacy, 5th Grade Teacher, Ashley IB Elementary Magnet School, Winston-Salem, NC


Contemporary Artist and Photographer, Foster City, CA

“This was my 2nd workshop – first was 6 years ago in Florence – also outstanding! The inspiration and support from both the leaders and the group was just what I needed to get back on track after being stuck creatively for a few months. Needed this boost of motivation to move forward with my art and photography. Met fabulous people – all different ages and backgrounds – with similar goals to improve or start their creative journeys.”

Mary Collins, Contemporary Artist and Photographer, Foster City, CA


Teacher, American International School of Jeddah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“I want to thank both of my amazing instructors for a fantastic experience. The workshop was above expectations and I would love to attend again.”

Jumana Swaid, Teacher, American International School of Jeddah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Teacher, New York, NY

The Creativity Workshop is a four day exploration into your mind and soul. You are comforted with your fears, goals, dreams. The zen like facilitators challenge each participant to connect with their childlike creative core. In this non-judgmental and open minded atmosphere, I was able to apply this “outside the box” thinking to a range of facets of my life. One can utilize their activities and philosophy to any career. What a freeing experience!”

Ava marron, Teacher, Democracy Prep Public Schools, New York, NY


Learning Consultant, Cochrane, Canada

I feel rejuvenated after spending time with Shelley and Alejandro as well as the wonderful people I connected with in the class. I have taken away practices that I’ve committed to doing in order to give myself space to ‘just be’ – the place, it turns out, where all my creativity lives. I’m back at my computer/work now and and I can’t wait to see what will emerge. I truly feel that this workshop has made and will continue to make a difference in all that I do.”

Jane Siemens, Learning Consultant, ATB Investor Services, Cochrane, Canada


Math Teacher, Encino, CA

“My experience definitely opened my eyes to a new perspective on the world! As a math teacher, I struggle to “shut off my mind” but the exercises during the workshop helped me to do just that! I had a great time and look forward to finishing the projects I started!”

Rachel Escobar, Math Teacher, Westmark School, Encino, CA


Teacher, Kingwood, TX

“I want to thank the team for an incredible workshop with so many activities that I can use in the classroom. The idea that I was able start from a blank canvas to write with confidence still amazes me! Thank you for gifting me and my students, as well with great ideas and tools to help young artists and authors.”

Lynn Williams, Teacher, Fund for Teachers Recipient, Kingwood, TX


Senior Graphic Designer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Baton Rouge, LA

“I just can’t say enough positive things. It was such a wonderful
experience – one that inspired me and shook me to the core.
It was amazing what I was able to learn about myself in such a short
period of time!”

Genevieve Procell, Senior Graphic Designer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA


Psychiatrist, Melbourne, Australia

The Creativity Workshop in Prague enabled me to think in new and different directions and to be more observant. In my profession we learn to listen to others but during the workshop I had to talk about myself! I plan on using several of the exercises, such as automatic writing and drawing, in my work. My sincere thanks and appreciation.”

Vinod Thacore, Psychiatrist, Melbourne, Australia


CEO/Business Founder, Pittsburgh, PA

“It was a pleasure to attend the creativity workshop with all of you – what a wonderful, diverse, and engaged group of participants! I was so impressed by everyone’s story and what they brought to the group. I plan to incorporate, practice and use what we learned in our four days together.”

Yvonne Campos, CEO/Business Founder, Campos Inc, Pittsburgh, PA


Clergy, Nashville, TN

“I am very glad I participated in the workshop and have much to think about as I consider how these four days will impact the rest of my life. Thank you.”

Rev. Dr. Molly Dale Smith, Clergy, Nashville, TN


Psychotherapist, New York, NY

The workshop has sent me to new vistas within myself, parts of me that I really love. I felt I was in my element. Now how to do this without a community of kindred seekers/spirits. I particularly appreciated the non-judge mental Non creative atmosphere.”

Alice Sigel, Psychotherapist, New York, NY


ESL Instructor, Vancouver, Canada

“I was most struck by how quickly a positive, cooperative atmosphere was established within the group. I had some wonderful conversations while working with fellow participants. I’ve done other workshops which began with a session on setting norms for confidentiality and it was really heavy going. Instead, at the Creativity Workshop, we just plunged in with none of that preamble, and by the end of the first day, everyone was on board.”

Kerry Johnson, ESL Instructor, University of the Fraser Valley, Vancouver, Canada


Elementary School Indian Studies Teacher, American Embassy School, New Delhi

“The Creativity Workshop’ was just so amazing. Being a non-creative person in art, I had a great time exploring myself and the ways I can be more creative. It has enhanced my ability to think out of the box. The imagination train has started from my brain platform and I am sure would take me places!”

Rajni Khanna, Elementary School Indian Studies Teacher, American Embassy School, New Delhi, India


Educator, Cairo American College, Seattle, WA

“I really enjoyed my time in Chania at the Creativity Workshop. It was great to have a period of time in the morning devoted to being creative and exploring myself, then having the freedom each afternoon and evening to explore the island, reflect on each days’ activities and play!!! Shelley and Alejandro provided a great mix of activities to help me harness and tap-in to my inner creativity. I’d recommend the Workshop to all my friends and colleagues.”

Nathaniel Hudson, Educator, Cairo American College, Seattle, WA


Scientist, Director, Food Safety at H-E-B Company, San Antonio, TX

Being a scientist and overseeing a Quality Assurance organization for a large U.S. Retailer is a position where innovation and creativity are expected. How do you practice this? How do you set yourself up for success in these areas when you rarely feel you have time to breath? This workshop was just what I needed to establish ways to tap into my creative being. I was totally impressed with the expertise and approach and it was such a pleasure learning the new skills. I was more creative than I knew and have put into practice the methods that I learned and have also extended this to my team. The Creativity Workshop was value added and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to better channel their creative / innovative minds to a place of increased output. ”

Sharon Wood, Scientist, Director Quality Assurance – Food Safety, H-E-B , San Antonio, TX



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