10 Creativity Tips for Teachers:
An Inspired Teacher is an Inspiring Teacher

by Shelley Berc


1. Believe in your moments of inspiration. Follow where they lead.

2. Carry a notebook and pencil everywhere you go. We often have
innovative ideas but we can forget them if they aren’t on paper or
smart phone.

3. Don’t be ashamed or discouraged when your creative idea doesn’t pan
out. You will have ones that do succeed if you keep trying. In the
words of Samuel Beckett: “Fail, Fail Again, Then Fail Better.” That is
the best way to creative success.

4. Take 10 minutes every day to write without thinking. Let your hand
outrun your brain. Let your unconscious do all the work. Whatever
words come to mind, scribble them down. After awhile, you’ll see
distinct patterns and themes emerge in your writing. You’ll be
surprised at how much you have to say and how well you can say it.

5. Creativity is a muscle: use it or lose it.

6. Don’t let your inner-judge criticize you too much, especially at
the start of a project. It can easily kill your creative impulses.

7. Once a day, do something totally out of character. Surprise
yourself; it will ignite your imagination.
When we ‘what if’ ourselves, we start to believe we can achieve our dreams. That is the first step to making them come true.

8. Slow down enough to notice where you are. Learn your environment
by heart.

9. Collaborate creatively with like minded friends—write a journal
together, make a quilt, create a new playspace for kids, design a
group garden, choreograph and execute a dance piece, start a reader’s
theatre, do collage. Whatever it is, do it together–you’ll be amazed
at how much you can inspire each other.

10. Always remember that creativity is a process, not a product. A
process that is a way of life!

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