The Creative Course

Learn how to jumpstart your creativity in this inspiring workshop.

Creative Course

We help people regain and expand their creative thinking, imagination, and originality. We use the simple tools of creative writing, memoir, art, and photography. The class environment is exciting, nurturing, and noncompetitive.

The Creative Course is taught in some of the most inspiring places in the world.

This year we will be teaching in:
New York, Barcelona, Florence, Crete,
Prague, Singapore and Dubai.

Creative Course

Whether you are a writer, an executive, a teacher or an artist, creativity is necessary to achieving the best results in your field. This is why so many people from a wide variety of disciplines attend our workshops. They find it enormously useful for their professional development.

Creative Course

The Creative Course can help you discover and develop your creative potential in a nurturing and inspiring environment while you are visiting some of the most dynamic locations in the world.
In The Creative Course You Will Learn How to:

  • Use our practical, playful techniques to stimulate your creativity, imagination, and innovative thinking
  • Get over creative blocks, writer’s block, and paralyzing self-criticism
  • Explore creativity as a way of life rather than just a product
  • Use our 15 minute-a -day creativity practice to accomplish these goals

Play, Process, Pleasure: The 3 Ps of Creativity

We are all born creative. It is a fact of life. Yet, being creative is not very encouraged in our world. Creativity training offered by The Creative Course not only encourages it, we can help you make your creativity a number one priority in your life.

Creativity and play are the first tools we use to make sense of the world. Creativity is a process of perceiving and acting that savors life in all its colors, all its tantalizing varieties. When we realize our creative potential, we want to act on it and express it in our own unique ways. Our Creative workshops help you harness your unique creativity and put it to work for you.

Play, Process, Pleasure are The 3 Ps of Creativity and they are the ABCs of The ABCs of The Creative Course.

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