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Who attends The Creativity Workshop?

Who teaches The Creativity Workshops?

How long do classes meet each day?

What language is the course taught in?

Do I have to write in English?

Can I bring a friend or family member with me who is not taking The Creativity Workshop?

Do you offer certificates of completion?

Is this workshop useful for participants in transitional stages of their lives and retirees?

Is The Creativity Workshop material different when it is taught in different countries?

Do you have to draw or write well?

How do I get to The Creativity Workshop from my home town?

Does The Creativity Workshop plan excursions for participants?

Can I obtain credits for professional development by taking The Creativity Workshop?

Can I take the workshop more than one time?

Do participants attend The Creativity Workshop alone or with friends or family members?

Do participants do things together outside of class?

How much do the Workshops cost?

What is the payment schedule?

Is The Creativity Workshop tax deductible?

Can I extend my stay or arrive earlier than the official workshop dates?

Do I need a Passport or a Visa to go to The Creativity Workshops?

How much should I plan to spend on food each day?

Are the Workshops handicapped accessible?

Are rooms in the hotels you offer air conditioned?

What kind of clothes and other necessities should I bring?

Do you suggest any particular travel books?

Do you recommend travel insurance?

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“A perfect blend of relaxation and stimulation. The assignments fostered discovery and creativity, yet left us plenty of time to enjoy the wonders of Crete. I came away from the workshop with an array of techniques that I can call upon to encourage my creativity.”

Patricia Lancaster, Ph.D. Dean Emerita of the Hamilton Holt School and Professor Emerita of French, Rollins College, FL

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