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Who attends The Creativity Workshop?

People from all walks of life and professions, all ages, and many different countries. Our participants include educators, writers, business people, artists of all kinds, homemakers, psychologists, IT people, health professionals, scientists, and university students.

Who teaches The Creativity Workshops?

Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel or our staff of certified Creativity Workshop teachers. Berc and Fogel have trained our select group of instructors. In addition, they have successfully worked in creative fields for many years. For their bios please click here.

How long do classes meet each day?

They meet for 3 to 4 hours each day depending on the workshop. For more information on our daily schedule please click here.

What language is the course taught in?

The Creativity Workshop is taught in English.

Do I have to write in English?

No. You can write in your mother tongue - it is actually more beneficial to do so. Also, for non-native speakers, it is more important to comprehend English than to speak it well.

Can I bring a friend or family member with me who is not taking The Creativity Workshop?

Yes you can and many participants do. If they are sharing a room with you, the additional cost per night per person depends on what hotel you choose. 

Do you offer certificates of completion?

Yes, we offer certificates upon request at the end of the workshop. 

Is this workshop useful for participants in transitional stages of their lives and retirees?

Yes! People in life transitions (job changes, life changes, retirement) often take The Creativity Workshop because it teaches new and innovative ways to reinvent one's self or simply to experience life more fully. Many of our participants who are going through changes say that they are taking the workshop because they finally have the time and energy to explore their creativity. Combining a Creativity Workshop with travel to a foreign location is very attractive to people who are curious and explorative in nature, but don't want a physically demanding workshop.

Is The Creativity Workshop material different when it is taught in different countries?

The basic structure stays the same but there are some variations in exercises that involve the location the workshop is given in.

Do you have to draw or write well?

Not at all. The aim of The Creativity Workshop is to help people use drawing and writing to expand their creativity. Writing and drawing are tools to that end, not techniques to master drawing and writing. There are no group critiques and the emphasis is on the pleasure of self expression.

How do I get to The Creativity Workshop from my home town?

You are responsible for making your own airline arrangements. We offer some suggestions on how to get inexpensive airfare at our Airfare Deals page.

For participants buying our tuition and hotel packages: We will give you precise instructions in advance of your trip on how to get to your hotel by bus or taxi. There will be a welcome packet waiting for you at your hotel. The next day (the first day of classes) our assistant will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the classroom. After that, you will come to class on your own. Almost all of our accommodations are within 5 - 15 minutes walking distance to the classroom and some of the accommodations are on the site of the classroom.

Does The Creativity Workshop plan excursions for participants?

We do not plan excursions. Our assistant and your hotel will have good information on various local travel agents and tours. Many participants get to know each other in class and do sightseeing together.

Can I obtain credits for professional development by taking The Creativity Workshop?

Many educators taking the workshop receive help from The Fund for Teachers to attend our summer Workshops outside the United States. Recipients receive up to $5,000 each. Also, there maybe financial help from your school district or university. Contact your Professional Development office.
You can receive a Certificate of Attendance and CEUs for attending our Workshops. Certificates of Attendance and CEUs are available at no additional charge.

Can I take the workshop more than one time?

Yes. Many people take The Creativity Workshop several times and find each experience different and inspiring.

Do participants attend The Creativity Workshop alone or with friends or family members?

Many people come to the workshop on their own but many also attend with fellow colleagues, friends, or family members. Each workshop is a mix of people who come alone (about 70%) and people who attend together.

Do participants do things together outside of class?

We don't organize any outside activities because we prefer natural, impromptu experiences for participants when they have free time. However, we have several group exercises that often lead to participants getting together outside of class. Many share meals and do sightseeing together. Past participants often comment on the wonderful global diversity of our groups and the friendships they have made while taking The Creativity Workshop.

How much do the Workshops cost?

For updated information please go to our Pricing page.

What is the payment schedule?

The payment schedule varies depending on the workshop. You will find a payment schedule at the bottom of each individual workshop's page.

Is The Creativity Workshop tax deductible?

For individuals using The Creativity Workshop for professional development, the workshop (and travel to it) is considered tax deductible under most circumstances. The best thing is to check with your accountant.

Can I extend my stay or arrive earlier than the official workshop dates?

Yes, we will give you the contact info for the hotel you have chosen and you will arrange and pay for your extra days directly to the hotel.

Do I need a Passport or a Visa to go to The Creativity Workshops?

For US citizens: you need a valid Passport for all our Workshops outside the United States. You do not need a Visa to any of our workshop locations in Europe.
For non-US citizens: Please check with the embassy of the workshop location in your country of origin.

How much should I plan to spend on food each day?

It depends on location. We tell people to expect to spend $40 to $60 per day in general. If you do a lot of picnic-in and use local delis, you can expect to spend less.

Are the Workshops handicapped accessible?

Our Workshops in New York are handicapped accessible. Hotels outside the United States may not have the same amenities as U.S. hotels, such as elevators and handicapped rooms. If you have concerns about walking, the availability of elevators or need special accommodations, the Workshops located in the U.S. may be more appropriate.

Are rooms in the hotels you offer air conditioned?

If it is stated in their description they are.

What kind of clothes and other necessities should I bring?

Casual comfortable attire, good walking shoes. Travel light. This is the most important thing. If you are missing an article of clothing, you can always buy it there. Hand washable clothes are a good idea, as are natural, breathable materials such as cottons and linens. Shorts and pants are popular. Bring a light sweater for the evenings.
VERY IMPORTANT: Do bring a suitcase with rollers - especially in Crete where many of you will be staying in the all pedestrian Old Town and you may have to roll your suitcase from the taxi to the hotel. Make sure you bring any medications or supplements you are taking - they may not be easy to get away from home.

Do you suggest any particular travel books?

There are so many good ones! We like the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. Lonely Planet does a good job making lightweight books focused on the various cities, islands, and provinces in which we hold our Workshops. We suggest you spend an afternoon in your local bookstore and see which guides suit your personality and interests, as many guidebooks are specialized for either arts, history, or nature touring. You can also get a book app for your smartphone or tablet.

Do you recommend travel insurance?

Travel insurance is highly recommended.
The Travel Insurance Store (in business since 1989) is a company of travel insurance experts. They sell policies from 5 different travel insurance companies including Travel Guard. They work on salary and not commission so they are focused on finding you the policy most appropriate for your individual needs. They are very clear and patient about answering questions on the phone and they have a very informative site.
You can go to their site: or call them at 1-888-407-3854.

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“A perfect blend of relaxation and stimulation. The assignments fostered discovery and creativity, yet left us plenty of time to enjoy the wonders of Crete. I came away from the workshop with an array of techniques that I can call upon to encourage my creativity.”

Patricia Lancaster, Ph.D. Dean Emerita of the Hamilton Holt School and Professor Emerita of French, Rollins College, FL

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“The Creativity Workshop transformed my art and teaching. It is a gift that I treasure and at every opportunity and share with my students. It gave me new ways of "seeing" and interacting with my images.”

Savneet Talwar, Artist, Associate Professor, Georgetown University


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