Working with the Tools of Creative Writing, Memoir, Art, Photography and Storytelling

Workshops in New York, Barcelona, Provence, Florence, Crete, Dublin, Singapore
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The Workshop helps writers of all genres jumpstart and renew their creativity and lose their fear of the blank page.

Learn how to keep your writing fresh and exciting in beautiful locations with people from all over the world.


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I wrote my first published memoir because of this class. The instructors are magicians! They gently pushed us into discovering our unique creativity.

Carroll Blue, Author of "The Dawn at my Back" and Professor Emerita of Film Studies, San Diego State University, CA

The Creativity Workshop Will Help You

  • Learn practical techniques to ignite your creativity and imagination.

  • Get over writer's block, and paralyzing self-criticism

  • Find new sources of inspiration in everyday life

  • Establish a 15 minute a day creativity practice to accomplish these goals


Let Your Imagination Lead the Way

During our creative classes we alternate between writing, visual exercises and oral exercises because they stimulate different parts of the mind and body. We believe that getting out of your writer's head for a few moments and into a bit of art and oral storytelling keeps the writing from getting stale. It also combats the kind of perfectionism that keeps you from writing at all.

Many writers have credited writing their first books, scripts, and memoirs to taking our workshop.

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A Brand New Set of Writing Tools

In this process oriented workshop you will be doing free writing, writing from guided visualizations, collaborative writing, journaling and memoir work and even some rudimentary drawing, collage and photography. The atmosphere in our workshops is nurturing, inspiring, and fun.

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Leap Over Writer's Block

Many writers have credited writing their first books, scripts, and memoirs to taking our class. Shelley Berc, co-instructor and director of The Creativity Workshop, has a great deal of experience teaching how to overcome writer’s block. She is a novelist and playwright and was a professor in the University of Iowa's International Writing Program and Playwrights Workshop for several years.

Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel,
Founders and Directors of The Creativity Workshop.

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