The Creativity Workshop Learning Vacation

National Geographic chooses The Creativity Workshop as one of the top learning vacations worldwide.

“You may not come home from this workshop with a suitcase of paintings or a briefcase full of poems. But you will come back with a heart full of artistic passion, completely convinced that creativity and imagination–yours and everyone else’s–is the answer to just about any question the world could pose.” Pam Grout, National Geographic’s “100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life”.

Learning Vacation

Travel and Creativity are perfect companions. Foreign places inspire creativity in us. And creativity practices teach us to see with ‘new eyes’ that make our travels all the more stimulating. For this reason, we chose to combine our love of teaching people to explore their creativity with our belief that travel has an enormously positive effect on creative expression. What could be a better combination of approaches for an inspiring and energizing learning vacation!


Learning Vacation

We have been teaching The Creativity Workshop all over the world since 1993.
Our workshops take place in Barcelona, Prague, Istanbul, Provence, Florence, Crete, Dublin, Paris, Dubai, and New York City.
You will spend 3 and a half hours each morning in class having fun with your imagination. The rest of the day is yours to visit museums, take walking tours, eat fabulous meals, write in cafes, or sketch the locals. You can choose to spend your time on your own or go exploring the area with other members of the workshop.
We will be giving you prompts and little assignments that will help you experience where you are in new and exciting ways.
Many past participants say they have made life-long friends on our learning vacations and they have returned to explore their creativity with us, changing locales each time they come.

What people say about The Creativity Workshop Travel, Learn, and Create experience

“The Creativity Workshop and its exercises gave me the permission (and the assignments) that made me concentrate on a few things in Paris and really get to know them rather than trying to stuff in a thousand wonders and not see any of them.”

Deborah Murphy, Paris participant

“I had a great time attending The Creativity Workshop in Barcelona. I loved it! My experience of seeing the city that I had been dreaming of visiting for decades was greatly enhanced both by the creative exercises, which expanded my vision, and by the companionship of the other members of the group. That week will remain in my memory as a ‘sparkling moment’ in my life. As well as utilizing my increased confidence in my own creativity, I intend to incorporate several of the exercises we engaged in into my work as a counselor and therapist with both children and adults.”

Philippa Naivasha, Social Worker and School Counsellor, Sydney, Australia

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