The Creativity Workshop

We are offering Customized Workshops and Keynote Speeches for Businesses, Educational Institutions and Conferences and Events.

We can tailor workshops and keynotes to suit your group’s specific needs and interests. We also give motivational talks on why creativity is important to a good life and how to use that innate gift. Here are some examples of topics for our workshops and keynotes:

  • Finding and Celebrating your Creativity
  • Creativity and Leadership
  • Stimulating the Imagination in all Walks of Life
  • Amateur: To Love What you Do
  • The Creative Process: How to Develop and Nurture it
  • Creativity and Team Work
  • How to Inspire One Another in the Work Place
  • Creativity between Teacher and Student
  • Creativity is a Muscle: Use it or Lose it
  • Write without Fear
  • Getting over Creative Blocks and Reaching your Creative Potential



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