Creative Director, Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, MO

Peggy Wrightsman Parolin  Creative Director, Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, MO April 7, 2015

“My purpose in coming to this workshop was to free myself from the standard expectations of my role at work. I wanted to engage in a workshop where I didn’t know anyone, in an environment that would encourage me to explore and create. Participating in the Creativity Workshop in Florence did just that. The workshop was not too intimidating for those who felt out of their element in a class on creativity, but provided a treasure trove of new techniques and inspiring approaches for those of us who come from a creative profession. I was amazed at the diverse group of individuals involved. I believe there were at least 12 countries represented in my class. I learned much from each of them. I loved the interactive portions that allowed us to know more about each other’s cultures and how we approach creativity differently. It was a great experience. I would love to participate again. I want to go through the experience with a different group of people and come back fully energized…just as I did from the Florence Workshop.”

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