Government Strategy Director, Tirana, Albania

Valbona Kuko MBA, Director, Department of Strategy and Donor Coordination, Council of Ministers, Prime Minister’s Office, Tirana, Albania April 7, 2015

“It was the first time in my career to participate in this kind of workshop called the Creativity Workshop. I have learned many things from this workshop: the importance of being creative, innovative, bringing new instruments and ways to bear which will generate more ideas, creativity and results in our work. Each of the participants came from different professional areas but for all of us was a common thread: the spirit of cooperation, group working and good communication. The value added of this workshop was the way the professors gave to everybody the possibility to think in depth, to use imagination and creativity in a very relaxed environment. This unique experience will serve me in my professional career in the Council of Ministers, as well as in my personal life, by making the best use of all opportunities, dimensions and possibilities that exists around us ”

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