Teachers, Fund for Teachers Recipients, Minneapolis, MN

Juli Evers and Debra Blondeau Fund for Teachers Recipients, Hospital Agencies, Minneapolis, MN April 7, 2015

“One hour a day, Monday through Friday, at either the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital or the nearby Ronald McDonald House, we teach individual students facing transplants and life-threatening diseases. Customizing hundreds of lessons to ever-changing situations requires creativity. The Creativity Workshop taught us how to draw inspiration from ourselves, our experiences, relationships and, most importantly, our failures and  venture into new dimensions. These realizations and newly- developed ideas and skills translate directly to our students. Our students often feel defeated, angry or confused – their illnesses don’t make sense to them. With our new “creativity tool box,” we teach them in ways that make life less traumatizing. All of these are techniques learned in the Creativity Workshop in Florence.”

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