Writer, Upper School English Teacher, Istanbul, Turkey

Andrew LaRaia Writer, Upper School English Teacher, Istanbul, Turkey April 4, 2015

“An amazing experience. I found the calm and peaceful nature of the Workshop very conducive to thinking in new ways and it gave me the encouragement to walk down some creative avenues I never would have found on my own. I came away from the workshop having accomplished  personal writing goals, and also full of great ideas  to use in my classroom to liven up my lesson plans. This is an experience that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to make a fresh start in the way they approach their work, be it teaching, computer programing, marketing–whatever! My workshop was full of people from many different professions, and despite the myriad experiences we brought with us to the workshop, each of us was able to work toward the same goal of finding new ways to express our creativity.
I would recommend this exhilarating workshop experience to anyone who is interested in seeking out new ways to look at and communicate with the world around them.”

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